Bowling is one sport that seems to be very easy when played, but actually it is not. Here are some bowling tips that are not only useful for beginners, but even for amateur and professional players as well.

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Tip 1. You start your approach right where you stand. Using proper footing is critical in bowling and it determines your success level. No matter what else you do right, if your feet are positioned incorrectly, the ball will not end up at the right place. This position depends on whether you are left or right handed. If you are left-handed, just get your right toes pointed at the head pin. If you’re a righty, do the same with your left toes. This may make you feel a little awkward but it is guaranteed to work. Observe the foot position of great bowlers on any kind of bowling tips video and you will definitely find out that they do it too.

Tip 2. You have to release the ball at exactly the right time. Obviously, if you drop it too soon it won’t maintain the inertia required to topple any of the pins. If you wait too long and launch the bowling ball in the air, you’ll probably damage the lane and end up in the gutter. The optimum time to let go of the ball is just when it changes directions from down to up, that is at the bottom of the arc. Don’t worry if you try a few times. You’ll be able to feel the change of direction and learn when to release it perfectly. Be certain that your wrist is straight but loose and that your aim is directed at the target.

Tip 3. Don’t stop the arm follow through. Keep your eye on your target as you release the ball. Focus on the strike zone not the ball as you allow your arm to complete its natural full follow through. You will not be able to consistently know where the ball is going without a good follow thru. It’s a common error to pull your arm back quickly after you drop the ball. Don’t do it like that. Your shoulders need to be facing your target. This happens naturally if you keep your eyes where you’re aiming. Here’s some bonus bowling tips hook techniques. The hook method for bowling is fundamentally characterized by throwing a hook, which is pretty easy. Just keep your hand positioned like a handshake throughout your motion.

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By sticking with all these simple to learn methods, you will be bowling strike after strike. All of your friends will be impressed and your competitors discouraged. You can really have fun once you have figured out that you have perfected these important bowling tips needed to be successful on bowling night.