The bow ties are the most sophisticated ties ever made by man. They are the true knots for neck wear which were introduced to people for the very first time during the 1700’s. The elasticity of a bow tie largely depends on the way the knot is made. It also depends on the quality and nature of the fabric used. In simple words, the resilience of a bow tie is a function of the knot’s simplicity. Everyone loves a bow tie and so it is always trendy and fashionable!

They are the most classic of all ties. Although they have seen high and low times over the centuries but they have always been liked by the masses. Sometimes their popularity decrease but most often they remain in vogue.

satin black pre-tied tuxedo bow tie

Different Types

Nowadays, the market is full with bow ties of different colors, designs, and styles. Still, it is not easy to find the high quality ones that you would like to cherish. Variety of choices and top-quality products are available also; your satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • Whether you want masculine and impressive mens bow ties, eye catching baby bow ties or Christmas ties – they are all easily available in stores and you can easily purchase them online too.
  • Striped, woven, geometric, floral, solid, formal, conversational, dot printed, and combos – you would love all design patterns since they are very appealing.
  • All kind of fabrics are used, so you have varied choices for fabrics too. Silk, satin, nylon, linen, wool, and cotton are the most common fabric but you can find many other options as well.
  • Furthermore, you would be happy to know that there is also an offer of different styles and choices including diamond tipped, slim shaped, reversible and boy’s style. You can also choose any type for your bow tie. If you would like to tie your bow yourself then try self-ties. However, if you want otherwise, you can always opt for pre-tied ones.

How to Make Bow Ties

You can easily make a bow tie for yourself or any friend, relative or family member. Here’s how:

  1. First select a high quality fabric. Anything from a piece of jeans to satin fabric would serve your purpose.
  2. In the second step, cut the selected fabric into a rectangular shape. The size of the rectangular piece will depend on the size you want for your bow.
  3. Now fold the rectangular piece in half lengthwise and then sew the fabric from three sides but don’t sew about 1 inch portion of a smaller side.
  4. Next, turn the fabric piece inside-out and close the hole with smaller, almost invisible stitches.
  5. Push the top and bottom of the bow into a bow shape towards the center of the bow.
  6. Sew a small band around the middle part.
  7. Measure the length of your neck and find a correct sized elastic strip then add the elastic strip, preferably rubber, at the back of the bow and sew the center of the strip to the center of the back of your bow.
  8. Then sew a button at the one end of the elastic strip and a buttonhole at the other end.

boys boxed red bow tie


The fact that bow ties are available in the market is a relief to those who want to look awesome these days.  You have all the necessary details, what is left now? Having the bow tie and trying it for yourself!