Started in the year 2002 by an entrepreneur from Japan who goes by the name Kenji Ikemori, Boscia products has dedicated itself to the production of skin care products made from mother nature herself thus ensuring that the consumers’ skin is not in any danger of destruction. The skin care products have been made to meet the enlightened and modern woman’s needs.

For those who are looking for skin care products that will not harm your skin but rather make it flawless and healthy, then the Boscia products are the obvious choice for you. These skin care products are not only healthy for your skin but have been made 100% chemical-free. So rest assured that your skin is safe from any chemicals that might spell doom. You will retain your beautiful, natural skin complexion.

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Types of Boscia Products

  • Anti-Aging skin care products for those that would love to maintain their youthful looks.

  • Skincare products for those who have Acne.

  • Skincare products for those with oily skin.

  • Cream care products for those who want to have lustrous skin.

  • Skin hydrating care products for those that have got dry/dehydrated skin.

All these Boscia products are free of any preservatives. They strictly include anti oxidants and other ingredients from nature. These products use fortified formulas, which have ingredients that are made to work well with any type of skin. Modern scientific research has also been employed in the creation of these wonderful skin care products.

Then, there is the Boscia black mask which is full of minerals and when applied, looks like a mask but then after some time, it peels off leaving your skin looking bright, purified and detoxified. It was made with clay of premier quality and was found to have properties that were suitable for deep skin cleansing which drew out the oil and dirt on the skin. Not only do its antioxidants make your skin firm by shrinking the pores, which also reduces inflammation, but it also exfoliates and refines your skin. When the Boscia black mask peels off, it takes with it the impurities, dead skin and any oil that is in excess.

Natural Ingredients of Boscia Skin Care Product

  • Amino Acids and Peptide

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  • Green Tea

  • Aloe Vera

  • Lavender

  • Vitamin C

  • Antioxidants

These skin care products have been made to be ideal to even the most sensitive of skin types. They feature a line of products that range from moisturizers & cleansers to edible supplements & linens for blotting. Boscia’s wish is to provide beauty both inside and out to the consumers of their skin care products. So, whenever you are looking for a good regimen to care for your skin, then do not think twice about using the Eco-friendly, naturally made Boscia products.

Boscia Products Reviews

Boscia products has been said to provide the American women with the kind of skin found on the Japanese women. They are said to have the most radiant, smooth and clear skin complexion. These skin care products have also been said to be completely pure and never disappoint when it comes to the end product for your skin.