Are you wondering what are the different boat parts? Worry no more because this article will tell you about boat parts and other accessories.

Parts of a Boat

A boat is a small water vessel used for water transport. A bow is the front part of the boat. It is wedgeshaped to reduce the resistance of water as the boat is in motion. A stem is the pointy front end part of the bow. The body of the boat is called a hull. In ships, the part covering the hull is known as the deck. The stern is the back end part of the hull. Also, a transom, which is a flat board, is found at the back end of the hull. It is this part that the motor is attached.

long lasting 4-blade boat propeller

A motor is essential since most boats travel on water by the use of motors. The boat motor parts that make up the motor engine include.

  • Propeller: The propeller has blades which rotate at a high speed. They aid in propelling the boat forward, by creating forward motion in water.
  • Tiller: It is a sticklike extension on the motor that allows you to change the direction of the boat by moving it either right or left.
  • Engine: A boat’s engine is the most crucial part of the motor as it has the gas tank and all the other mechanical gadgets that make up the motor.

Boat Accessories

 There is a wide range of boat parts and accessories for boat owners. The accessories make it easy for you to manage your boat and increase your boat’s comfort. Some of accessories incorporated in boat parts include:

  • Trailer winches: They are accessories for loading and unloading of boats on trailers. Most of the available winches are electric, so you just need to press the button and the winch does the loading. These come in handy when you have a heavy boat. They are efficient in that no manpower is needed.
  • Spare propellers. You do not want to spend a whole day in the blazing sun on the lake because your propeller jammed. Having a spare propeller can save you this trouble.
  • Gauges and compasses: Gauges are useful instruments in any water vessel. The gauges help you keep track of the boat status in relation to fuel, temperature and speed. Compasses help you to know where you are located geographically.
  • Antennas: They are made mostly from aluminum since it is a better conductor of waves. Antennas help you maintain communication with those on  land when you are offshore by  facilitating efficient communication through radio call transmission and can be of much help if you face a crisis at sea.

deck mount VHF white radio nylon marine antenna

Because water causes corrosion on boat parts, constant repairs are necessary for proper maintenance. To ensure that your boat does not rust at the bottom, boat bottom paint is essential. There are also many used boat parts available in online shops. Hence, if you want to have a decent and well-conditioned boat, get quality parts.