A black spot on toenail is not very rare. Many people have been found to have the unsightly black toenail. There are quite a few reasons behind and this and thankfully, there are quite a few remedies too. Good treatments and remedies will get rid of the black toenail in no time. Here are some detailed information about it.

black toenail causes

Remedies of course depend on the cause and the most common cause of the black line on toenail is the black toenail fungus. Now this may be due to several reasons. Dermatophytes are small organisms that grow in moisture. They grow under the nail bed if the toe provides them the ideal conditions such as warmth, dampness and moisture. This is why the black toenail is seen most commonly in people who sweat a lot and who wear shoes for prolonged periods of time. Old shoes and wearing shoes without socks can also result in the black toenail fungus infection.

Black toenail looks discolored and yellowish. The color can also be green, black or brown. The nail becomes extremely brittle and cracking may occur. The nails will look extremely dull and will lack the luster nails generally carry. Patches and spots in black color are of course obvious. Some people may also feel very uncomfortable while walking in shoes. The black toenail may also produce foul odor or unpleasant smell.

black toenail fungus infection

There are a number of remedies for the black toenail but one needs to be careful not to go for drugs. This is because the drugs can cause extremely harmful side effects. These side effects include deadly liver and kidney damage. Plus, the success rate of these drugs is limited. They are not known to eradicate the fungus completely either. Hence, staying away from them would be better.

Instead, there are a number of natural remedies that are extremely helpful. Home remedies work great for the black toenail too. Vinegar and beer are anti-fungal. This is why many people strongly use them for treating the black toenail. They soak their feet in either of the two. However, scientists have not proved that this method helps. Scientific evidence is lacking but many people believe it works.

Fungi are generally very hard to get rid of. That is why prevention is always better than cure. Simple steps can relieve you of the risk of having a black toenail. Don’t walk bare foot in damp conditions. Wear socks, always. Provide your feet with proper ventilation and always keep them clean and dry. Lastly, find out more about the black toenail and learn about the treatment so that if you do get the black toenail you’ll know what to do.