A black PVC pipe can be used for a number of home improvement and do it yourself projects. The black PVP pipe is not just a mere black version of a regular pipe. It is actually made from thermoplastic resin. It is often referred to as Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene or simply called the ABS pipe.

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Advantages Of Black PVC Pipe

  • Budget friendly and less expensive compared to metal piping.
  • Better water flow because of its smoother interior finish compared to other PVC types.
  • More durable than steel pipes because it does not rust, rot, collect waste or corrode.
  • When properly installed, it can withstand large earth loads.
  • Black PVC pipe and fittings can resist mechanical damage even when exposed to low temperature.
  • ABS pipe is a favorite tool for DIY projects because they are lightweight and even a single person can load and unload these pipes.
  • Will take less time than DWV materials to rough in.

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Brief History Of Black PVC Pipe

Black PVC pipe or ABS pipe was developed in the 1950’s for various structures in the chemical industry and oil fields. By the year 1959, John Long first used black PVC pipe for residential use. As years go by, research firms analyzed ABS pipe to be fit and appropriate for residential consumption. Even after years of usage, it will not show signs of rust, rot or corrosion. This makes them ideal plumbing supplies for residential and commercial construction. American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) approved of the ABS-DWV pipe in 1967 and then on, has been used widely all over the globe.

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Common Usage

  • Kitchen and Bathroom

Black PVC pipe and fittings can be used to distribute water. It can hold water in varied temperatures and is resistant to common chemicals in the household. It shows no reaction to commercial detergents, cleansers, water softener, spot remover, and bowl cleaners. Because it is chemical-resistant, it is an ideal material for kitchen or bathroom use.

  • Home construction
    It is also a good alternative to steel pipes and copper based pipes for home construction because it does not combust without an available fuel source. It may be used for high rise dwellings and may be used for fire rate floors, walls, and ceiling. ABS pipe needs to be heated with a temperature over 465°C before it self-ignites. This is a better alternative to wood for home framing.

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Storage and Installation

Black PVC pipes and black PVC pipe fittings can be stored outside or inside your home. They are made to be heat-resistant to prevent expansion. Make sure that you store these pipes on a leveled surface to avoid bents.

During installation, measure the pipes to make sure of a good fit. Clean all dirt and debris from the pipe before usage. You may also sand it lightly to get rid of roughness. Use an ASTM D2235 light coat to cement the interior of the fitting socket and the outer pipe. Insert the black PVC pipe to the fitting socket and give it a quarter turn. Hold them together until the desired tightness is attained.

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