What piece of clothing can be paired with either Chuck Taylors or dress shoes? What kind of jacket is appropriate to wear to church or a night out drinking? What wardrobe must-have flatters both men and women? A black blazer is a staple in mens’ wardrobes, and it is quickly becoming popular for women, too. The best part is that you don’t need to wear a whole suit in order to pull off a black blazer. Pull your blazer out of the back of your closet and start pairing it with outfits for a new look. Read on for essential black blazer style tips for every occasion and learn how to wear black blazers with everything in your closet.

Sexy Black Blazer for Women

Blazers vs. Suit Jackets

While a blazer looks similar to a suit jacket, there are a few distinct differences. Blazers are more casual than suit jackets because they’re not often worn to very formal occasions. Because of this, designers have more leeway when making blazers. For example, many blazers have shank buttons and peaked lapels, unlike suit jackets. There are plenty of black blazer style tips, whether yours is traditional or a bit more edgy.

Black Blazer Tips For Men

Black blazer fashion takes on a variety of looks depending on what else you’re wearing. Black blazers can be dressed down by pairing them with jeans and a button down dress shirt. For the academic look, opt for slim jeans and leave the collar of your shirt undone. A thickly striped tie will add even more of a collegiate air. Pair your black blazer with gray slacks, a button down shirt, nice black shoes and a dark scarf for a formal-meets-comfortable look that’s perfect for a holiday dinner. Layer your black blazer over a plaid button up and a thin sweater to stay warm when it’s cold outside. Throw on a pair of comfy jeans and your favorite Converse sneakers to head to the football game.

Black Blazer Tips For Women

Black blazer style tips are just as diverse for women. Walk into any women’s clothing shop, whether it’s a small boutique or a sprawling department store, and chances are you’ll be able to find at least one style of black blazer. There are so many uses for black blazers in a woman’s wardrobe and their popularity is evident if you look at candid celebrity photos. In order to look feminine and not masculine, though, you’ll have to follow a few black blazer style tips.

Best Black Blazer Style Tips

Make sure that you purchase a women’s blazer, not a men’s blazer. They may look the same, but women’s blazers have a smaller cut and are sometimes tweaked a bit around the waist. Unless you’re going for a rigid, button-upped look, pair your tailored black blazer with a flirty, girly shirt, like a light colored tunic or sequined tank. During the summertime, top a thin, colorful t-shirt with your black blazer when the sun goes down.

One of the best black blazer style tips, whether you’re a man or a woman, is to leave it unbuttoned. The buttons are basically ornamental, since this jacket is so casual that it should hang open.