The black American Express, sometimes referred to as the Centurion Card, is usually reserved for elite groups of people. There is a strict requirement that needs to be fulfilled before the black American Express credit card is issued to an individual. So far, there are several countries that issue this particular luxury card aside from the United States. Hong Kong, European countries, China, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East and Australia, are among those that offer this particular credit card from American Express.

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Black American Express Card Benefits

There have been a lot of questions regarding the black American Express card benefits. Although there are not too many sites that provide the information you need, here are a few benefits that have been gleaned from other resources.

  • Communications – A black American Express card holder can immediately be taken care of by the concierge in any hotel around the world. Also, a cell phone that is for international use is issued to the cardholder where the fees that they only need to pay are for the calls they have made.
  • AirlinesChartered jets are made available to the holder of the Centurion card. They are also given first priority when it comes to boarding the plane.

benefits of black american express card

  • Cruises – Centurion card holders can receive invites to celebrity cruises as well as special deals in case they are going on a cruise.
  • Insurance – Members are guaranteed assistance on the road wherever they go, plus, protection plans in case a trip or event is canceled due to emergency reasons.
  • Hotels – One night stay in selected Mandarin Hotels is free of charge. Hotel accommodations will be upgraded for Centurion card holders.

These are but a few examples of the benefits that can be claimed by black American Express cardholders. There are more yet to come that will surely give you more satisfaction with your choice of credit card company.

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Black American Express Card Minimum Requirements

If you want to obtain the said card, you should fulfill certain requirements like being an American Express credit card holder and should be spending around $250,000 every year. You should be able to pay your debts in time to keep a good credit rating. Once you have fulfilled all these requirements, you can stand to receive an invite for the black American Express card. Also, if you want to acquire this piece of plastic, you need to know the different fees you need to pay. There is the annual fee that you need to pay which is priced at $2,500. An added $1,500 is required if you want to get a complimentary card.

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So far, there is still no clear answer to the black American express card limit, as the cardholder does seem to have endless benefits. What’s clear though is that so long as you keep a good credit standing record, you can enjoy the privileges attendant to owning the card, for as long as you want.