Betsey Johnson perfume offers a wide range of vibrant and unique scents from the acclaimed American fashion designer Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson was born in 1942 and although primarily known for her feminine fashion creations, she later went into developing perfumes that have a characteristic womanly scent.

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One of the most popular Betsey Johnson perfumes is simply called Betsey Johnson and many women consider it her finest creation yet. One particular Betsey Johnson perfume review describes it as a vibrant and fun scent that is perfect for any girl or woman that enjoys a bit of glamour in their life. If you end up buying this perfume the first thing you will notice is how intricately detailed the bottle is. It features an elegant rose pattern positioned over a bright yellow background.

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You are in for a surprise though, because what you think is the bottle is actually the case which contains the bottle within. Getting this glass canister out of the container is something that a lot of people will have a hard time discovering too. The quirk of this particular Betsey Johnson perfume is that you to twist and rotate the pink nozzle on top before it pops out from the casing and enables you to apply the perfume.

Another distinct attribute to this perfume is the fact that the inside canister comes with 3 vials of perfume. Once you have exhausted one vial it is simply a case of replacing it with another. It really is quite an easy and intuitive process and definitely rare in the perfume world as far as perfume storage is concerned.

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At this point you may be wondering about the all important fragrance of this Betsey Johnson perfume. It has been described as a girly, carefree fragrance that can be worn any time of day or night and isn’t at all overbearing. It contains the following notes:

  • Low notes consist of common elements like musk, cedar wood, sandalwood and amber.
  • Medium notes comprise of more floral scents like lily and freesia, but there is also a hint of apple there too.
  • High notes consist of fruity tones like pear, tangerine, blackberry and grapefruit.

So far as scent evolution is concerned, you will find that the longer you are wearing it the more vanilla and musk you will start to smell. In other words this Betsey Johnson perfume starts off fun and casual but progresses to more a serious romantic fragrance after a while.

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If you are wanting to know where to buy Betsey Johnson Perfume then a whole host of specialist perfume sites sell them at competitive prices, often far cheaper than you can get them offline. In addition to lower prices they also offer Betsey Johnson perfume sets which in some cases are only available on the internet also.