Of all the yoga accessories you will ever need, yoga bolsters are the most important. These firm and flat cushions, which come in many shapes and sizes, help you to stretch and support your stomach, back, hamstrings and chest while you work out. Not only do they improve your yoga, they also help you in various postures and ease them. They add comfort to your yoga time and help you breathe, stretch and exercise better.

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These yoga bolsters are designed to ease your breathing and stretching routine. These yoga accessories come in various shapes such as:

Cylindrical bolsters

Cylindrical bolsters are yoga bolsters shaped like a sausage. These round and firm bolsters are useful to help the areas around your head, shoulder and neck to relax. These yoga accessories are also used to support your tummy. They are used to help stretch your spine, chest and thighs gently and softly. These soft cushions also help you bend forward. They are used in yoga postures to strengthen the lower back.

Rectangular bolsters

Rectangular bolsters are slightly thicker and flat bolsters. These yoga accessories are used to gently stretch your back, bottom and neck during yoga. These bolsters help in stretching your back, relax and breathe. You will love doing your yoga routine with these soft ones. Rectangular bolsters are especially helpful in doing exercises that require bending during yoga.

Breathing bolsters

Breathing bolsters are placed behind your head and back during yoga. These long and thin breathing bolsters support your backbone and your pose. They are designed to help you breathe deeper and slower, which in turn relaxes your chest. It is mainly used in the yoga pose called the Pranayama. This bolster helps to opens up your chest and improve your breathing.


Zafus are useful for meditation and breathing exercises. Yoga bolsters like these are supportive meditation cushions which help improve your posture. They give you comfort and height during your relaxing routine. It helps support you to sit straight for your yoga sessions which can be long at time. They also ease sitting in the same posture for a long time. So you need not worry about your hips and knees as these bolsters will relieve your hips and knees from pressure.

Neck rolls

Neck rolls are comfortable bolsters that give your neck adequate support when you recline. Lying on the floor will often leave your neck unsupported during yoga. To ease your exercises and positions, neck rolls are yoga accessories that give support to your neck without being hard.

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All the yoga accessories mentioned here can be purchased at any yoga specialty store. Cylindrical bolster, rectangular bolster, breathing bolsters, Zafus and neck rolls are easily available at Yoga Props, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Hayneedle. If your yoga routine requires you to use only one of the above, don’t shy from trying it and make the experience fuller.