Although pets are such lovable creatures they do cause a few hassles. One of the hassles is that they leave hair all over the house and only the best vacuum for pet hair can be used to overcome this problem.

Vacuum cleaners were first invented in 1869 and were called as sweeping machines. However these machines were not motorized but hand pumped. It was only in the year 1899 that a motorized cleaning machine was invented by John Thurman. These vacuum cleaners are used for removing dirt or dust from the floor or carpets.

best vacuum for pet hair and carpet

Vacuum for pet hair has been a comparatively recent invention and has been an instant hit with the pet owners. These cleaners have helped the pet owners in removing the hair that the pets leave behind after roaming freely all over the carpet and furniture. The best vacuum for pet hair can then be used to remove hair more effectively than the other vacuums available in the market.

There are actually quite a few companies offering vacuum for pet hair. Some of these vacuums that are sold by some of the leading companies are- Dyson DC14 & DC15, Eureka Boss 4D, Roomba Discovery, Miele TT5000 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner, to name a few. Yet again, with a wide range of brands offering vacuum cleaners specifically designed for pet hair, what is the best vacuum for pet hair, really?

Well, based on customer reviews, what can be considered as the best vacuum for pet hair would be the Miele and the Dyson vacuums. The Miele has two turbo brushes which make it easier to remove pet hair stuck to the carpet or furniture. Because of this, it is considered as one of the best vacuum for pet hair removal. On the other hand,

what is the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floor

the Dyson vacuums have a mini turbine head which makes it easier to remove hair from corners or confined spaces. It is also considered as the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors . These vacuums are preferred by most of the pet owners even though they are expensive than the rest because they are of superior quality and provides unmatched cleanliness to the room.

Choosing the best vacuum for pet hair can be quite a task and must be done carefully. Choosing second rate vacuums can leave a house filled with pet hair all over the place even after it has been vacuumed. Make sure that it has a good suction power, attachments that allow you to reach any confined space, portable, and handy enough to be used on a daily basis. With these features and more, you are sure to have landed on the best vacuum for pet hair.