What is the best shampoo for dry hair? The best shampoo for dry hair will vary from person to person and often everyone has their opinion on a particular shampoo that you should try. Given that there are hundreds of different brands on the market and an equally confusing amount of choices for each brand, it is probably best to take a look at what you should search for when choosing a shampoo in the first place.

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We all know that shampoo is designed to remove oil from the hair, so it would seem strange to continue to use it on hair that is dry already to begin with. It is only going to make the problem worse if you keep washing it without a formulated shampoo. One thing which you should definitely avoid is sulfates because they are the main component of the lathering agent in shampoos. Unfortunately they also break down proteins in your hair leaving it dry and damaged.

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While you may have to look a bit harder for no or low sulfate shampoos, they are becoming increasingly common as more and more people search for the best shampoo for dry hair. Something else which you should take notice of is the pH level. This is basically a measure of how acidic a shampoo is and for dry hair, a low pH is the best because it closes the cuticles and stops what moisture you do have in your hair from escaping.

The best shampoo for dry curly hair will also often have the word “moisturizing” written on the packaging somewhere. More moisture means that it is able to travel from root to tip and prevent the frizz that exists with curly haired people. One other thing you can do when searching for the best shampoo for dry hair is to look for shampoos that are rich in protein. While it is important to understand that protein shampoos will not magically restore your hair, they will provide a protective barrier over each follicle to prevent further damage from occurring.

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When looking for the best shampoo for dry hair men, the same basic rules apply. Choose something that is low in acidity, rich in protein and most importantly hydrates your hair. However, you should only choose dry hair shampoos if you have very dry hair on a constant basis. Otherwise you run the risk of your hair being weighed down unnecessarily and going limp.

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One often overlooked addition to the best shampoo for dry hair, especially among men, is a good conditioner. A good moisturizing conditioner will work well with a moisturizing shampoo to lock in that moisture, and it also has the added benefit of preventing split ends and making your hair feel nice after it has been washed.