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Top 10 List Of Best Pranks To Pull On Your Friends And Family

Top 10 List Of Best Pranks To Pull On Your Friends And Family

Who does not love a good prank? Pulling off a stellar prank can set you above the rest of your friends and leave even the most stubborn rolling on the floor laughing – literally ROFL.

Before they even realized they have been pranked, you will be dead with contentment and pride. You have pulled off a prank that no one else could. You are the chosen prankster in your friend group and have now claimed the title as your own for years to come… until the next prankster strikes and the cycle continues to unfold.

The key to all of our successful pranks is that they are all relatively harmless. You definitely want to make sure your prank is deemed “harmless” before executing it on the sensitive friend in the group. Make sure the prank will not cause the person or people being pranked any permanent damage.

Proper Prank Etiquette

Boy pranks the girl

What is permanent damage when it comes to pranking? What rules of pranking must you follow in order to be in line with proper prank etiquette? There are a few key guidelines to make sure you are using the best prank etiquette when pulling off master pranks.

Basically, do not cause any emotional, physical, or mental harm to the person being pranked. If it jeopardizes anyone they love, family members or something that means the world to them, do not do it. Anxiety, stress and fear are all very real monsters and we do not want to enable or allow these emotions to come into fruition.

A few examples of pranks that might not be the best idea, in the long run, could be pretending that their loved one got in a car wreck and then shocking them with a pie in the face by surprise on the way to the hospital. Anything involving emotionally damaging the prank-ee is a no-go in our prank etiquette book.

Top 10 Best Pranks to Pull on Your Friends

1. Alarm Clock Mayhem

Man shouting the Alarm Clock

What is worse than getting woken up by surprise? I do not think any human in their right mind would be a fan of getting woken up early, especially by a complete surprise. This prank is made to really piss someone off as well as confuse the heck out of him or her.

This one is for that buddy who is always complaining about working too much, always being tired or never having a day off. Why not take that complaining, double it and then surprise the heck out of them on their one-day off in two weeks. Yes, it is evil, but it is hilarious.

This prank requires about $5 to $10 and a few minutes alone in the person you are pranking’s place of rest, hopefully, this is their bedroom. The first step is to head to the Dollar General or somewhere you can find really cheap battery-powered alarm clocks.

The alarms must be battery-powered for the prank to work most effectively. Next, you will head to said person’s room at the most properly planned time – maybe while they are at work. Then you will set the alarms up hidden all around their room – in their closet, in their bathroom, under their bed, on a bookshelf, anywhere you can find.

Set the alarms so that the will go off in five-minute intervals around 6 a.m. on the person’s next day off. This might mean you will not see the initial reaction unless you all are roommates, but it is guaranteed to set the person off in a way they have never experienced before.

2. Spiritual Sign-up

3 men talking

This prank is straight up simple and sure to reach the reaction you are aiming for from the friend you want to prank. Have you ever been solicited by Mormons non-stop knocking at your door trying to convert you to the word of the Good Lord?

Well, here is your chance to bring that unsolicited pain unto a prank-worthy pal. Just simply sign your friend up to receive a chat with a missionary at his or her own home. Just enter in their information and wait as your friend receives non-stop visit from Mormon missionaries on Saturday morning at 9 a.m.

Wallow in your rolling laughter when your friend calls you crying because they cannot get the Mormon missionaries to leave their home. Or be pleasantly shocked after hearing your friend has committed to Mormonism – this prank could go either way.

3. Send Poop

Send Poop

Poop Senders is a site that will anonymously send a package of poop of your choosing to an address. Whether you have been looking for the perfect gag gift or waiting to find that sweet and smelly revenge, Poop Senders is for you.

The more than real site offers a wide variety of poop to send to that special someone – cow dung, elephant crap, gorilla poop or even a precious combo pack. Are you gagging just reading about it?

Make your dreams a reality by sending a quart of guerilla poop to that pesky pal that is always pranking but never getting pranked. The best thing about Poop Senders is that it is relatively inexpensive for what they are accomplishing and the sender remains 100% anonymous.

4. Words With Friends

someone holding a cellphone

This prank is not referring to the Words with Friends game that has taken the word game challenge to an entirely new level over the last few years. This prank actually requires hijacking your buddy’s phone and doing some shortcut damage.

Think: autocorrect nightmares at their finest and your friend has no clue what is even going on before it is too late. Help your friends communicate easier by creating word shortcuts on their smartphone’s keyboard.

The next time you are hanging with the friend you want to prank, create a distraction, grab their phone and head to their keyboard settings. Change simple and commonly used phrases like “LOL” to “loser on legs” or “love only lies.” Change the word “later” to “naked,” so that the next time they say “see you later,” they are really saying “see you naked.”

They will never know what rocked their smartphone’s world and will leave the people they are communicating with (and themselves) in a state of confusion, laughter and shock. These are all the emotions we aim for when playing a good prank and this one is sure to do the deed.

5. Stay Awake

Man Stay Awake

This prank is for the friend who works in an office setting, with a classic office roller chair. It may be the perfect prank to play on your co-worker who happens to be your best friend or a friend – if you have access to their workspace.

All you need to successfully pull off this prank is some duct tape and an air horn. Duct tape the air horn underneath their adjustable roller chair, so that every time they sit down, they are reminded with a loud air horn to get back to work.

If your friend does not have a roller chair but this prank is the one you want to pull on them, you can duct tape the air horn behind their door. That way, every time they open or close the door, the air horn is activated by the doorknob.

6. Birthday Switch-up

Kitten Birthday Switch-up

This one is a simple and classic way to annoy your friends and confuse everyone involved. This particular prank involves gaining access to your friend’s Facebook account. Maybe while they are in the shower or at work, you can gain a minute or two of unnoticed Facebook hacking time.

Use this valuable hacking time to change your friend’s birthday on Facebook to April 1st or any other day that might hold meaningful value and appropriate jokes. This might be a long-term prank because you might have to wait until April to gain reactions, but it is well worth it.

This prank is also wonderful because it will make your friend think that no one wished them a happy birthday on their actual birthday. This might actually be nearing our “emotional damage” guidelines though, so tread lightly on this practical prank.

7. Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

The next time you have friends over for a movie night or gathering at your home (or theirs) make sure to come packed with this prank-filled cookie surprise. Oh, you want me to bring a snack to share with the group? I got you covered.

This prank is best executed with the classic Oreo cookie. Take a pack of Oreos and gracefully, without damaging the cookies too much, remove the icing and replace icing with white toothpaste.

Create a plate full of toothpaste cookies so that you know exactly which ones are the trick cookies or you could end up tricking yourself too. Just make sure not to give yourself away when the cookies come out to play. This is an easy but classic prank you can pull on multiple people at once if you get lucky.

8. Fish Caps

Man holding Fish

This prank is a little out there and to be honest, frankly disgusting. Go pick up fish from your local market or grocery store and stick them in your friend’s hubcaps – ew! Yes, this one is really gross, but the smell protruding from your friend’s car is worth the gross factor.

This prank is so epic that it might leave your friend confused in the nasty smell coming from their car for weeks. The confusion, pain and utter not knowing where the smell is coming from is the ultimate prank in this case.

9. Balloon Bustle

Girl holding Balloon

This harmless prank is perfect for the friend who might get too upset if you pranked them and there was no smile to the game. Simultaneously prank the heck out of your friend and also make them smile with this simple and fun balloon prank.

Head to the local balloon store and grab about two dozen helium-filled balloons. Choose the proper prank destination and get to balloon-ing. This means picking the perfect spot to surprise your friend at.

Fill the spot with the helium-filled balloons – a tight space is better – and watch them writhe in confusion, excitement and a mess of balloons. Try picking a tight spot such as their bathroom, car, office or bedroom and fill the space with as many balloons as possible.

This one is more of a light-hearted prank that will not cause any harm whether temporary or permanent. Especially do it on a day where they might be stressed, anxious or nervous to add an extra element of surprise into the mix.

10. Snake Mail

2 man playing Snake Mail

This prank takes the classic phrase “snail mail’ to an entirely new and shocking level. The next time your friend goes to check their mail, add a piece of mail that will scare the crap out of them and have them scared to check their mail for months.

Pick a plastic figurine of an animal that would scare them the most – a snake preferably, a possum, a rat, etc. – and stick it in their mailbox. You are sure to get some screams and freak-outs when you ask your friend to go check the mail.

Pulling Off The Prank

Pulling off a prank successfully can really boost your confidence, self-esteem and friend level status. Whether you have been looking for the perfect prank or the best way to get sweet revenge, one of these practical pranks is sure to do the trick. Just make sure to follow the guideline of not causing any permanent prank damage.