It is really fun looking for antiques especially those that may have belonged to pharaohs and kings. But, it is not that easy if you do not know where are the best places to go antique hunting. Whether a person is a professional or an amateur searching and collecting antiques as a hobby, one must go about it with proper planning. Unless one is aware of where to go hunting for antiques, then all searching efforts and travels. This is more so because many people sell out old worn out items as antiques when they are actually not so ancient to be called as prized antiques. Worse, there are a lot of fake antique collections circulating in black markets.

best place to go antique hunting

Some Helpful Antique Hunting Tips

An antique hunter can follow certain strategies in a planned way to get what he/she is looking for.

  • First, select or find the best places to go antique hunting, wherein only genuine and original antiques are sold.
  • Second, make an informed and quick decision when you a classic piece that has to be purchased.
  • Third, make use of the opportunity to buy the item as antiques are not so easily found or sold.
  • Fourth, do some research about the object that one wishes to acquire, as well as its owner. The value of the object and its origin must be known to the antique hunter.
  • Fifth, one has to gather prior information about the seller, for instance, whether or not he is a trusted antique seller .
  • Sixth, it is very important to fix a budget. Certain things are sold out for great prices. So, remaining within a limit in such cases is absolutely necessary.

tips and advice finding the best antique store

Where To Shop For Antiques

The main places where to go hunting for antiques are the antique shops, flea markets, antique malls, thrift shops, antique stores and the consignment shops. There is always something in these places that will be of interest. However, bargaining is always a must in antique purchases. Here are some specific places from where one can get some of the prized antiques:

  • For hand-crafted items of talented artisans, the Wa Open Air Market is perhaps the best place. Hand-made exquisite jewelry, antique furniture, pottery, and some of the most beautiful antique ceramic pieces are found here.
  • The City of London is a marvelous place where to go hunting for antiques. There are a number of interesting antique shops they have in store like marvelous souvenirs and gift items of yonder times.
  • The flea markets abound in various parts of the world, selling different types of antique items that one has to dig out from perhaps the junk and bargain baskets that are spread out for sale. A keen eye will surely spot out what he/she is looking for. Antique boxes, clocks, maps, artifacts, pottery, clay models and many other items are sold here. This is a unique venue for antique collectors where they can go hunting for antiques.

There are other shopping centers and open markets too where such prized antique items are sold. One has to travel a lot to find out exactly what he is looking for and purchase it at the right price. The online stores too sometimes sell antique items. Staying alert about the auction sales of antique items helps a lot in finding the desired objects.

Many people love to collect antique mantel clocks. These clocks are not only beautiful show pieces but bear the heritage of olden times and the exquisite craftsmanship of the makers. Modern home décor favors a combination of contemporary and vintage style and so those who love to collect antiques often visit the antique stores and attend auctions to buy their classic mantel clocks.