The secret behind a painter’s success are his strokes. Strokes come out the best only when he has the best paint brushes. The same goes with facial make up too. That tools you use to apply your make up are very important and how well you do your make up will depend on these make up tools. You might think that fingers are enough to apply make up. Yes, they are quite enough but if you want the best effects even at the corners, you’ll require the best make up brushes at your disposal. You must have thought about these before and wondered to yourself what are the best make up brushes?

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One of the basic and the best cosmetic brushes is the powder brush. It is used to apply loose powder on the face. Twirling and upward strokes will make sure that there is no caking on your skin. It is the basic necessity for make up and almost every woman will be having this brush. Next among the best make up brushes is the foundation brush which has soft and flat bristles. You can use this brush to apply not only foundation but also creams. These brushes are usually made of sable fur naturally or with a synthetic material.

There is also the Kabuki brush which is very popular in Japan. Actually, it was used for the first time in their theaters because artists required a lot of make up in a short time. These brushes are thick and soft. There are concealer brushes that are used only to apply concealer. Concealers are used to hide the flaws of the skin such as rough edges, discoloration, and others. This is why these tools must be picked up very carefully. The best make up brushes will be those that are long and flexible so that application of make up under the eye is also easy. Round brushes may be used for blemishes.

There is also the blusher brush whose head is generally tapered so that the blush pigments are distributed naturally. Don’t use the brush that comes with the blush. It doesn’t serve the purpose well. Lastly, an eyeshadow is an important tool too. It serves multiple functions and is essential.

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Since make up is so popular all over the world, finding the best make up brushes is not difficult. You can find them easily online. Just be careful to buy the best make up brush set. Choose the brands carefully because bad make up brushes can lead to a make up disaster. You might have to spend a few bucks on the best make up brushes but it is totally worth it!