Man always looks out for variety and changes in life, and this is seen in the innumerable ways that individuals often remodel their homes. When it comes to remodeling a bathroom or a kitchen, one obviously looks out for the best faucets. They bring about a new fashionable look to the entire setting.

modern waterfall trough faucet

Various Types of Faucets

There are various designs available for different types of bathrooms and kitchens that are specifically meant for them. Some of the primary designs of the best faucets are namely:

  • Single Hole Faucets – have only one handle and is fit for a single hole-layout sink in the bathroom.
  • Center Set Faucets – have two handles and the feed pipes meet near the spigot at the base.
  • Spread Set Faucets – appropriate for a spread set bathroom sink. They are available in three pieces and each part is separately mounted in three units separately.
  • Vessels – look much like water wells and have one handle only. These are narrow and tall units and the water pressure is usually low.
  • Tub Faucets – come with a single spigot and is the basic faucet for the bath tub.
  • Shelf Back Faucets – are also used in bathtubs and showers and are mounted on the sides. They have three separate pieces also.
  • Basin Faucets – add an extra touch to the bathroom arrangements. They have two handles and two faucets for hot and cold water with separate spigots.

The choice of the best faucets depends largely on the size, shape and other accessories of the bathroom. It is wise to check out various websites for new designs as well as the prices along with reviews of users.

Features to Look For in Faucets

Kitchen faucets also come in a variety of designs and shapes that offer a new and interesting look to the kitchen altogether. The best faucets for the kitchen must match the furniture and sink of the kitchen. However, when purchasing the best faucets whether for the bathroom or the kitchen, one must take into consideration the following points:

  • The functionality and durability of the products need to be verified clearly. Faucets are used at random especially in the kitchen, and so they have to be very sturdy to withstand all sorts of handling.
  • The prices of the best faucets vary according to their quality quite often. However, some products offer great performance as well as durability at a reasonable price that makes users very happy and are satisfied with their buys.
  • Another important thing to do is to check out the parts especially the valves. The best faucets use good valves that have temperature control facilities.
  • The style and finish of every product matter to a great extent. Renovation implies that one needs something nicer and better. Checking out the materials used and the finish of the complete set and whether it comes with a warranty or not must be taken into account.

elegant old fashioned basin faucet

Perhaps the best faucets available today in the markets are Delta’s high-end products, the Brizo faucets. These exclusive designer products have great versatility and sophistication that make the bathroom and kitchens look outstanding. They have an astounding elegance that placed them in the number one position among the best faucets. Available in Venetian bronze and stainless steel, Brizo faucets are a worthy investment that every homemaker should try to buy.