The best cologne for men usually smells of strong masculine scent. The best one gets even more intoxicating and lasts longer compared to other ordinary colognes. When you wear cologne in the morning, it tends to be strong and as when its scent weakens or fades, it becomes more intoxicating. Thus, this is why a best smelling mens cologne is a must have product for every man.

Examples of Best Cologne

There are many best smelling cologne available today, most of them made by different designers and with different scents. Men need best cologne that last a good 12 hours, as there isn’t always time to spruce up like women do. The best cologne should smell extremely good as well. There are a number of well-known brands that stand out. These brands include:

best cologne for a captivating scent

Aqua Di Gio has notes of citrus, rosemary and jasmine, which make it a casual fragrance for any man. It is from the designer Giorgio Armani.

Spicy notes like nutmeg and vanilla with musky tones are found in Burberry Touch by Burberry. This cologne features long lasting effects and still remains a classic.

Dolce & Gabbana carries pure masculinity fragrance with notes of woods, spices and tobacco. It is elegant and sophisticated cologne, thus, a great choice for occasions that require special dressing like cocktail events.

The infusion of intense scents like musk, sandalwood and patchouli blend together to bring us Obsession by Calvin Klein. This cologne spells out sexuality for men like no other.

best cologne for men reviews

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren that comes in a sleek black bottle and a silver logo is a fragrant that is sweet and intense with tones of mango and patchouli. It is not only elegant but this is what every man needs.

Usher Cologne is a brand of cologne from the famous performer, Usher. He has been acclaimed to be a good musician, thus making fans even more willing to buy his collections of fragrances.

Purchasing best cologne for men need not be a daunting task as the only things you need to note is what you like and kind of activities you take part in. If you are a very active person, then long lasting cologne is the best choice. If you are the classy kind who minds about money, then very expensive types of colognes will most likely impress you more than the scents. All in all reading user reviews will give you more information about the top selling best cologne for men and will also guide you on the price range so as to be prepared when going out to purchase the best cologne.