Indoor cycling shoes are completely different to other types of running shoes and footwear for sports. There are a number of different styles and colors available and they offer a number of benefits for many cyclists, especially female cyclists. There are many places that offer these shoes and some are able to offer discount indoor cycling shoes.

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Differences Between Cycling Shoes and Others

The main difference between indoor cycling shoes and other types of training shoes is the purpose that they are designed for. Women’s indoor cycling shoes are specifically designed for use with bikes and offer the wearer the perfect fit with the pedals. The instep of the cycling shoes is raised, unlike many other styles for running, to help support the foot more and fit comfortably around the pedal.

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There are fewer grips on the shoes as this is not required for cycling. The grip available is designed for indoor use, mainly on the smooth surfaces of indoor cycling tracks. There are other designs that offer the perfect shape to fit into the holders on the pedals, especially for those who enjoy spinning classes instead of cycling around an indoor track.

The Brands Available

  • SIDI

Like all specialist products, there are certain brands that make indoor cycling shoes. One of the top brands available is SIDI. SIDI indoor cycling shoes available mold to the feet, which offers extra comfort throughout a training session; especially when it comes to cycle tracks or spinning bikes. The shoes also fasten by Velcro, avoiding problems with laces that may become trapped around the pedals of the bike or within any of the gears.

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  • Shimano

Shimano is another company offering indoor shoes for cycling. Unlike SIDI, these shoes do have laces; however, there is a Velcro section at the top of the shoes to cover the knot, which helps to avoid the laces becoming trapped during cycling. Shimano offer seamless shoes, which means that they can be worn without socks. This is perfect for those looking for something comfortable to avoid blisters while training or taking part in events. The sole is patterned and offers air pockets, which makes the indoor cycling shoes breathable the whole way round.

  • Traverse

Traverse is another popular brand when it comes to cycling shoes. The shoes on offer are generally multi-use; they are perfect for trail, indoor and general outdoor use. This offers many cyclists more for their money but generally means that there are some downsides when purely looking for indoor cycling shoes. These shoes tend to have more grip on the soles, which allows for grip while mountain biking, if required.

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Where To Buy

There are a number of places to buy these shoes, both online and offline. It is worth shopping around to get the best deals available. EBay and Amazon offer a wide range of options for indoor cycling shoes at reasonable prices online but it is also possible to purchase from many outdoor and activity stores in the local area.