An elongated toilet is nothing more than a toilet with a large bowl which offers much more comfort for those who use it than a regular toilet. Despite popular belief, toilet comfort and design is an important aspect to any bathroom. Using an elongated toilet will give you such comfort and luxury.

standard elongated tiolet

Features Of An Elongated Toilet

  • An elongated toilet’s bowl is much larger in diameter than a regular toilet by as much as 2 inches diameter.
  • This type of toilet has an oval shape that makes it elegant and at the same time comfortable
  • The feeling from a toilet that is elongated is similar to a comfortable chair and if you use a great elongated toilet seat you will be in toilet paradise for sure.

elevated toliet seat with handles

If you are looking to decorate your bathroom with an elegant style you must take into consideration good elongated toilet seats and even elongated toilet lid covers.

Top Brands Of Elongated Toilet

An elongated toilet must have high quality and where can you get high quality at the best price if not from top brands? Here we have compiled a short list of the top brands:

  • Gerber Ultra Dual Flush

This brand comes with two types of flushes, regarding the capacity of the gallon: 1.6 which is appropriate for flushing solid waste and 1.1 for liquids. It also comes with the most beneficial 10 years warrantee.

  • Kohler Purist

For people that have decorated their house in a luxurious manner, this elongated toilet will perfectly fit in that environment and its price suggests that also.

decorative elongated toilet seat

  • American Standard Compact Cadet 3 FloWise

This one has an outstanding performance when it comes to saving water consumption so the money you will pay for this elongated toilet will be saved by the reduced utilities bill

  • Toto Drake

Toto Drake is affordable, simple, and easy to use and to install. The downside is that it will take more time to clean because it has two pieces in the design.

Buying Tips

The first thing to think of when you set your mind on purchasing an elongated toilet is to consider the height in which you would like it be installed. You have two options: 15 inches for the regular one or from 16.5 to 19 inches for the non-standard ones. No matter what the height, the elongated toilet seats and elongated toilet lid covers will suit your preferences.

all comfort elongated toilet

The next thing on the list regarding the best choice for an elongated toilet is if you want it to be a one piece design or a design with two pieces. Remember that the toilet composed of two pieces takes more time to clean but it compensates with a more affordable price.

Whatever type of toilet you choose, always remember not to sacrifice quality with affordability. A toilet is considered a permanent fixture in the house and it’s wiser to make an investment for the best quality to serve the purpose.