There are different types of paint that are made to help them stick to the surface it is painted on just like the boat bottom paint. House paints cannot be used for cars or the other way around. The same is true when you paint a boat more so with boat bottom paint. Boat paint has several unique characteristics that are not in other types of paints.

Boat paint has special additives that makes it more temperature resistant, can add better adhesion and can last longer. This should be the case for boat bottom paints as well since it is the one most exposed to the water and other elements.  There are paints that can be used for the whole boat and can be applied as well to the boat bottom. Some paints are exclusively for the boat bodies and are not effective for use as boat bottom paint.

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Matching Your Boat Bottom Paint

Choosing boat bottom paint depends on the kind of boat it needs to be painted on.

  • Aluminum boat – An aluminum boat is considered as one of the most popular types of boat in the world. There are several reasons for this. For one, aluminum is light, durable and easy to paint. The best aluminum boat bottom paint is either polyurethane or epoxy paint.

How to apply the boat bottom paint: Boat paint comes with its own instructions on how to apply it. When using aluminum boat paint, it is advisable to use the same brand for your primer and paint. Incompatible primer and paint is not going to work. Boat bottom paint removal will depend on the brand of paint used.

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  • Fiberglass boats – These boats are also very popular.  Their hulls are usually already coated with gelcoat that needs annual maintenance. Some owners take off the gelcoat and instead repaint it.

How to apply the boat bottom paint: Strip down the gelcoat. Prepare boat surface by stripping remaining gelcoats and by sanding off. Next, fill dings or scratches with filler to ensure even painting. Apply the paint depending on the instruction of the paint you choose. Preferably use an antifouling paint on fiberglass to prevent marine life attack. Let it dry and then it is ready for use. Note that boat bottom paint removal will depend on the brand of paint used.

  • Wooden boats – Wood can still be considered as a favorite for boaters. It is a classic as they say it. A professionally engineered boat can last for a long time. A wooden boat, clean and varnished, is a sign of elegance and of prestige.

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How to apply the boat bottom paint: Make sure the boat is well-made before painting. Check chinning and sealing of boat parts. This will ensure paint will not flex when there is change in temperature. Apply one-step or two-step epoxy, or a varnish on the bottom side wood hull. Wait to dry and then it is ready for use. Note that boat bottom paint removal will depend on the brand of paint used.

  • Metal boat – A metal boat remains very popular among sailors. Huge ships are made out of metals. It is best to have professionals do the repainting of metal boats especially if the size needs to be considered.

How to apply the boat bottom paint: Check if metal is properly sanded, sealed, and treated before painting. Treat metal with an anti-oxidative primer to prevent rust and corrosion that destroy a metal hull. Apply boat bottom paint which can either be a one-step or two-step process. One-step paint provides a good amount of protection, but the two-step epoxy is the best. Note that boat bottom paint removal will depend on the brand of paint used.

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Top Brands of Boat Bottom Paint

Some of the top brands of boat bottom paint that have the best boat bottom paint reviews include:

  • Interlux
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Pettit

The next time that you are looking for boat bottom paint, you know where and what to look for. Just remember to read the features and instructions of the paint prior to repainting to avoid damages.