If you want to scare both adults and children out of their wits, nothing would be better than animated Halloween props. There are various kinds of lifesize animated Halloween props that could be utilized for the purpose.

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Factors To Consider

  • Before you go shopping for Halloween animated props though, you must first consider the place where they are going to be placed. If the prop would be positioned in your front yard for example, it must be large enough to be seen from far off.
  • In addition, the large prop must also fit the front of your house appropriately. Such props could include spider webs with tarantulas, pumpkins and a number of gravestones that have zombies getting out of them.
  • There are cheap animated Halloween props that are available on the market so you do not have to break your wallet in getting them.
  • For best effects, use proper sound, lighting, fog machine and sound effects. These could be bought or rented.

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Top Three Animated Halloween Props

The top three animated Halloween props that are available on the market include the following:

  • Igor the Butler

This lifestyle figure is more than 80 years old and five feet tall. Igor is the classic butler of the Victorian era, who has an oversized nose sitting on a face that is wrinkled with age. Immaculately dressed in black coat and trousers, the figure has a white scarf over the left arm and gray bowtie. The figure carries a platter containing an animated skull. When a person approaches, Igor talks and the skull replies while lighting up at the same time. Both of their mouths opens and closes as they speak so the effect is very realistic. They are capable of saying sarcastic remarks as well. Animated Halloween props such as Igor the Butler can be placed near the door to welcome guests.

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  • Crazy Carnival Clown Prop

Clowns are usually associated with funny things but this one only looks like one. His attire is that of a clown and he has a clown mask with big red lips. However, his appearance is demented and he is a dwarf. He has a pair of big boots on and his right hand carries a big knife. This prop is one of those animated Halloween props that are activated by sound or motion. When activated the prop turns its head 180 degrees. It can move its mouth and arms so you should be wary of the big killer knife. The eyes light up as well for a really eerie effect.

  • Helga the Fortune Teller

Helga is not your ordinary witch. She is 5’6” tall and looks like the very personification of evil. Her dress is of red cotton that is tattered at the hem and cuffs. The entire getup is completed with a witch’s hat that is also in red and a black shawl. Helga is one of those animated Halloween props that are activated by light, motion or shadow, and you will not like what she will say about your future if you will go near her. She predicts a very evil future as she read from her crystal ball.

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These three are the best sellers of all time though other types are also getting popular.