Metric bolts are used for various applications in everyday life from building and construction, joining of heavy machinery parts and automobiles. To better understand metric bolts, you need to picture them as fasteners with a head and threaded shaft either partial or full. They are identified using metric measurement, which has become a standard in many countries for bolts and nuts.

Metric Bolts

Metric bolts usually come in two parts known as a bolt and a nut although there are applications that function using bolts alone. Washers as well come together with metric bolts and are installed between the bolt and material being fastened. These washers are available in various styles and are used to prevent any stress related damages and from slipping out of what they are holding.

specialized stud large eye bolts

Benefits of Using Metric Bolts

The following are the benefits that you can get from using metric bolts.

  • Sizes are standardized around the globe thus ordering and purchasing is made easy.
  • Metric bolts maintain their strength when exposed to extreme environmental conditions, either hot or cold, thus are more preferred in various applications.
  • They are easy to clean when need arises.
  • These bolts are safe to handle as they do not have any sharp ends compared to screws and the like.
  • Metric bolts are easily made using various materials most noteworthy is the stainless steel, which offers them anti corrosive properties.
  • When made of stainless steel, they are resistant to magnetic forces making them safe to use even on buildings.
  • They are readily available as demand for this type has gone up. Manufacturers have increased their production to cover consumer demands.
  • Their heads are made in such a way that it is easy to operate them either manually or automatically by use of specialized tools.
  • Metric bolts with nuts ensure safety as they lock into one another.

eye bolt with hex nut

This list is endless when it comes to the benefits of using metric bolts and metric screws as well. There is one thing that you should be careful about these bolts.  That is choosing the right type of metric bolt for the right application. Your kind of application will dictate if you should go for metric bolts and nuts with washers, metric flange bolts or metric shoulder bolts as all these serve well in their respective applications. When there is a need to extend something through tying down, metric eye bolts would offer more safety.

When time comes that you need to use metric bolts, visit your local stores and there you will get more insight from the sales personnel on which type best fit your application. You can also find such information online and make your purchase from online stores. Always secure and fasten your materials or equipments with metric bolts to ensure proper functioning.