Skyjacker lift kits are among the most reliable gear brands whenever you are planning to raise the level of your truck or jeep. For those who are not familiar with lift kits, these are the set of gears installed in a vehicle to raise the ride height or simply to make the vehicle look bigger. This is the principle behind most 4-wheel drives you see regularly. Although these gears can be installed to nearly all types of vehicles, the most common ones are seen on cargo trucks and jeeps.

skyjacker bent long arm system with nitro shocks

About Skyjacker

Skyjacker is an industry expert on all matters relating to vehicle suspensions. Since the company started in the 70s, it recognized the desire for most vehicle owners to spice up their driving experience. The 4X4 or 4-wheel drive industry is just on its boom during those years. Skyjacker made its own contribution through the development and introduction of advanced suspension systems from the Skyjacker lift kits, leveling kits, shock absorbers, steering stabilizers, and so on. The brand takes pride in all its products in ensuring functionality, stability, safety, or overall quality. To further improve product research and development, the brand can usually be seen present in most outdoor vehicle events across the U.S.

Skyjacker’s Product Line

Aside from lift kits, the brand also offers several suspension and performance gears. They could either be classified as follows.

  • Skyjacker Suspension Lift Kits

To save customers all the worries in figuring out which gears are needed to raise their trucks, Skyjacker provides the solution by offering these needed gears in the form of kits. Skyjacker lift kits usually include the hydraulic shock absorber, supporting springs, coil covers, among others. These kits vary in inches of lift and most are suited only to specific car models.

most reliable offroad skyjacker lift kit

  • Leveling Kits

If lift kits are used to raise the height of your vehicle, leveling kits on the other hand are used to level the height of the front and rear areas of the vehicle. All vehicles usually have rears that are slightly raised compared to the front. These kits are used to improve the stance of the vehicle or to improve the vehicle’s performance.

  • Shock Absorbers, Steering Stabilizers, Scratch And Dent Shocks And Steering Stabilizers, And Polaris Accessories

These are individual gears or parts of the lift leveling kits the company is offering. Shock absorbers are the hydraulic gears providing that needed lift and weight support. Most of the time, steering stabilizers are also needed after installing Skyjacker lift kits for jeeps or trucks to eliminate steering bumps and vibrations caused by the height modification.

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Choosing The Right Skyjacker Lift Kits

Since installing a lift kit would eventually require the modification of your precious car, it is a must to ensure that you are familiar with what you are doing and on the best lift kit that would be placed on your vehicle. Most Skyjacker lift kits reviews would cite two important considerations.

  • Choose A Kit Fit For Your Vehicle Model

The good thing about Skyjacker is that it creates lift kits with specifications suitable for each car or vehicle model. A lift kit for a Ford should only be used in a Ford, while those intended for GMC or Toyota may only be used for them respectively.

  • Get To Know Your State’s Laws On Ride Or Vehicle Height

A very important consideration when choosing a lift kit is to first research on the legal requirements for vehicle height or any other modification that you will make on your vehicle. There are states that are liberal on vehicle medication while there are also those that are very strict.

awesome 4-inch skyjacker suspension lift

Surely, installing Skyjacker lift kits is one of the best ways to transform your ordinary vehicle into a reliable and multi-purpose 4 wheel drive.