There are many sports that require proper protection like football girdles. Football is a very popular game yet very hard contact. One must prepare his body and mind for the game. If you are not well prepared, you are likely to get injuries. In a hard contact games like this, proper gear is a safety requirement.

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What Is Football Girdle?

Football girdle is the body protection worn by football athletes during the game. It is placed under their pants. It is a heavily padded tight support for the femur, coccyx, and the waist. The femur or the longest bone on your legs is very prone from breakage during running and sudden bumping. Coccyx is the last vertebra on your vertebral column. It is like a tail but unlike the lower forms of animals, human tails are not extended. It is very sensitive because it is packed with nerve endings. A forceful blow on it might cause serious damage. The waist bone or the pelvic bone is not as hard as the femur. It needs a lot of support because it houses many organs like the reproductive organs and some digestive organs. Football girdle provides cushion and shield from falling and bumping.

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Common Uses And Benefits

Football girdle has a lot of benefits to the wearer than you ever realized. Here is the list of common benefits of the girdle.

  • Tight fit – keeping the muscles intact in a tight fit will prevent the legs to cramp. It will make the athlete play more effectively, run more speedily and perform very well. It also prevents the cloth to scratch the skin so, the skin will be safe from chaffing and wound made by loose clothing.
  • It supports the athlete’s privates from bumping and muscle stress from running.
  • It makes you maintain proper posture. The band on the waist and the pelvic area will make you stand taller. It can also help you arch your back on the right angle which makes the muscles around your waist more relaxed and your back, less strained.
  • Football girdle with pads holds muscles and bones in place when the action starts at the field. During a football game, anything can happen, from minor injury to broken bones. Padded football girdle are the best gear to minimize injury.
  • Youth football girdle are designed in such a way that a young kid can play and be protected at the same time. It comes in a size that fits a young kid very well. It keeps the lower portion of the torso compressed for muscle toning and fast recovery from fatigue.

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Types Of Football Girdle

  • There are many types of football girdles available in the market today. The best seller is the under armor 6-pocket men’s football girdle in black. Football athletes love this model because it gives maximum protection. The pads are not so protruded and the texture fits well on the skin. It is like their second skin.
  • Another famous type is the high padded girdle with HexPad innovation. The HexPad cools the skin and keeps the moisture away so that it will be free from chaffing and breakage.
  • The impact padded football girdle has a shiny black texture and fits very well. The pads have crevices on them that work as a cushion and shield the bones from hard impacts.

football girdle with built in hip tail and thigh pads

Popular Brands

The popular brands of football girdles are McDavid’s HexPad which is a favorite among college varsity football players. Shock Doctor Shockskin 3+2 impact padded football girdle, Ridell, Schutt, Adams USA and Douglas are among the top brands. When you shop for football girdle, look for something that compresses your muscles, protects your hip bones and tail with heavy pads and fits well to your skin.

When you engage yourself in a heavy rough game like football, you must prepare your mind, body and soul for the war on the field. If you fail to get fit and be tough, you will be seriously injured. Proper exercise, body toning and safety gears are very crucial for a game like football. Football girdle provides you the protection that you need for your hip bones down to your femurs.