The market has an assortment of different shampoos and conditioners for hair. Some of them are for normal hair while others are specifically for a particular type of hair or hair problem. Oily hair, brittle hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, colored hair, dry hair, dandruff borne hair and so on are the different types of hair and there are shampoos and conditioners for each type. You should make your pick according to the type of hair you have and the condition you suffer from. Unless you treat your hair effectively, the condition will prolong and be very troublesome. Hence, if you have a dry scalp, you should think about dry scalp shampoo and conditioner only. There are different shampoos that people choose but many forget about the conditioner. Especially for this problem, a dry scalp conditioner is just as important as the shampoo for dry scalp. Treatment for dry scalp includes shampoo as well as conditioners.

head and shoulders dry scalp care with almond oil dandruff shampoo

Why choose a dry scalp conditioner?

  • The first and the obvious reason to choose a particular conditioner, which works specifically for dry scalp is that it is formulated to treat dry scalp. Ordinary conditioners will not have the required ingredients such as natural oils to treat dry scalp. Hence, you should make sure you choose these conditioners.
  • Dry scalp conditioners are also known as deep conditioners because they reach the scalp, moisturize it, and repair the roots so that your hair is healthy and the dry scalp is treated.
  • If your scalp is heavily damaged, you should use your dry scalp conditioner once a week. Using a leave-on conditioner is ideal because it stays there for longer and repairs your scalp effectively. If you are using a leave in conditioner, you should towel dry your hair well and then apply copious amounts of it. Then comb with a wide toothed comb and cover your hair with a hot towel. Let your hair stay for half an hour. Some conditioners need to be washed out. Check the type you are using and follow the instructions carefully.
  • If you can’t find an ideal conditioner, make sure you buy a conditioner, which moisturizes. Moisturizing conditioner is the best conditioner for dry scalp.

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There are a number of different brands of dry scalp conditioner to choose from. Loreal, Garnier, Nutrogena, John Frieda are just a few of the many brands. Make sure you check the label for organic and natural ingrdients. Always stick to reputed brands, which don’t have too many chemicals for best results.