Diadora cycling shoes are deemed as must-buy footwear for athletes, especially those who are bikers or cyclers. These are made especially for those who are training or participating in intensive cycling races.

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About Diadora

Diadora is an Italian athletic shoe brand and apparel manufacturer. It was founded in 1948 by the young Marcello Danielli. One of its first products was mountain climbing boot. The quality and eye for detail in every work skyrocket its popularity in the market. In the 1960’s, the brand begin creating skiing shoes, which become a popular recreational activity that time. In the 70’s when sport is a big rage, it produced a full line of athletic shoes including running shoes, tennis shoes, football and Diadora road cycling shoes.

Diadora Cycling Shoes Models

There are a number of Diadora cycling shoes that biking enthusiasts can choose from. This shoe line is divided into three categories including Man, Woman and Junior. The popular collections are Road Man/ Woman/ Junior, MTB Man/ Woman/ Junior and Special Triathlon. If you need help on which shoe fits, you can find Diadora cycling shoes sizing information on their website.

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Diadora Shoe Technology

  • Materials

Diadora cycling shoes are made from tough materials that can withstand the elements. Its upper portion is made from Suprell Tech and D-shin technology. Both of these technologies ensure stability while allowing maximum breathability for your feet. It also uses Morpho Cage containment for better comfort.

Diadora carbon cycling shoes are popular because of its integrated Full Carbon G Diadora Technology. This special design minimizes thickness in shoes and maintains the rigidity that allows you power transmissions and direct thrust when cycling.

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Outsole materials are made from glass fiber reinforced Nylon. Some models also come with SPD pedals and removable hell shoe pads. Insole material is made from hi-vent, perforated EVA that allows for better breathability and traps out moisture. The back heel is made from rubber. In some shoe models heels are interchangeable. It is equipped with Power Flow breathability system that allows air to circulate on your shoes. Diadora is a great shoe for anyone who loves cycling because of its high grip finish in the pedal area for better clutch and grasp power.

  • Weight

With Diadora cycling shoes, it feels like you have almost nothing on because it is light weight and very comfortable. A pair can weigh as little as 215 grams, which makes it good for cycling.

  • Fitting

When wearing any shoe, proper fitting matters. What’s unique about Diadora is that it comes with varied fitting options. MTB Woman and Road Woman models are designed especially for ladies’ foot. Road Man has ‘Regular Race Last’ fit, which fit the feet across the surface. The Special Triathlon has ‘Regular Plus Last’ fit which is designed to offer optimum comfort in the toe area. The closure is also carefully designed to the smallest detail. It uses Micro CL mircometic buckle for better fit and adjustment.

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