Absorbent pads are underused in most businesses and households. Most people don’t think of absorbent pads, much less the various uses of absorbent pads. Don’t be most people. Think of the savings in time and energy you could enjoy if you were prepared for a spill instead of just reacting to it.

Household Uses

One of the uses of absorbent pads could be under the sinks, kitchen and bathroom. Every time something leaks, and something always leaks, the absorbent pad would already be dealing with the issue. Then you would just change the pad, completely avoid the messy clean-up procedures using a rag or paper towels. Of course, if you didn’t think to use the absorbent pad in anticipation of a leak or spill, you could use it after just as well and it would still be less messy than a bunch of paper towels.

dawg maxx heavy-weight white oil only sorbent pads

Another use of absorbent pads is in the garage storage areas. You could place an absorbent pad under storage areas for the following items:

  • Paint cans
  • Gas cans
  • Coolant bottles
  • Oil cans and bottles
  • Water heater

If you stand in the middle of your garage and look around, you probably could identify many more areas. In fact, check under your feet. If you have an oil stain on your garage floor, you could use an oil absorbent pad to safely absorb that oil leak and save yourself the mess of trying to clean it up with chemicals and water.

Travel Uses

  • You can use absorbent pads in the trunk of your car to prevent the spills that will inevitably happen from ruining your trunk’s interior flooring.
  • On long family trips, you could keep the absorbent pads handy for drink spills, wet dirty feet, and wet dirty dogs. You will find them much more satisfactory than the random tissue or even that roll of paper towels you grabbed on your way out of the door.
  • You could pack an absorbent pad in your liquids bag or box before you stuff it into your suitcase and maybe make it to your destination with a clean dry shirt.

general purpose oil absorbent pads

Workplace Uses

Work areas outside the home can benefit by identifying areas where leaks are likely to happen. You could proactively use absorbent pads where it makes sense. Still, you would want to keep absorbent pads handy for a quick clean up when a leak or spill cannot be anticipated.

The more you use absorbent pads in your day-to-day activities, the more uses of absorbent pads you can identify.