Do you have the passion for music and you are searching for the best beginner drums to sharpen your drumming skills? Then you really need to take a look at this buying guide, especially if you struggle to find the best drum set for beginners out there. These days, there are plenty of drum choices to choose from. The good news is that they have become cheaper than before, to give you more chances of buying them even if you are on a tight budget.

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 Tips For Buying Beginner Drums

  • For beginners and aspiring children drummers, buying an expensive drum set won’t be necessary. This is because you may find it too complicated for you and you might just end up quitting your drum lessons. At this time, all you need to have is a cheap but quality beginner drums which will help you learn easily and will suit what you currently need. Mastering all the basic tricks will take some time, and when you are done, you have probably saved enough for a new, expensive and durable one. Typical beginner drum sets cost around $200 to $500, maybe cheaper if you buy the used one.
  • Your beginner drums set should also depend on the purpose it will serve. If you are buying one for your own enjoyment at home, choosing a small type is recommended. This small set should include four drums – a snare drum, bass drum, and a mounted and floor tom. This set up will not only save you room space, but will also allow you to play great rock, jazz, and blues music.

However, if you chose to play rock, contemporary, country, and fusion music, you will need to buy a set of five to six drums. These sets suit these genres better as they have wider tonal range.

  • You should also consider what style to choose for your drum set – either fusion or contemporary. If you want to achieve a punchier tone, go for a drum set with fusion style.
  • Beginner drums are made from various materials and you should choose what kind suits you best. Most drums are made from metal and wood. If you play heavy metal music, you should pick the metal drums. Wooden drums, on the other hand, produces more rounded sounds that suit every music style, which is why they are more preferred by most drummers. Wood choices for drums include maple, birch, falkata, poplar, mahogany, and lauan.
  • If you want to have the world’s best sounding drum kit, consider buying Steven Slate drums. With this drum kit, you can play a variety of music styles from punchy rock hits up to the sizzly vintage favorites. Considered as the most complete instrument on the planet, this set comes with an SSD player for Mac and PC which is very easy to use, even if you are just a beginner. With the SSD Player, you can do just about anything – loading, customizing, mixing, and auditioning. You can even load your own drum samples and mix it with the sound of Slate drum kits.

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Short Summary

Choosing beginner drums is fairly easy. You should just stick to a specific budget and decide on how you will use it. Your drum choice will also depend on the music genre you will play. And once you have taken all these factors into account, you will surely find the right drum set for you.