Bed bugs are considered as pests especially when they have become a problem because of the infestations. Their bites cause itchy, red spots that are sometimes unidentifiable, hence, left unnoticed. Some people experience a bad reaction to these bites.  These pests can be transported through luggage, clothing, bedding and even furniture. They have become a psychological and social problem for most, thus prompted the creative invention of bed bugs spray. Bed bugs spray are formulation of different chemicals which help keep bed bugs away.

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2 Major Classifications of Bed Bugs Spray

  1. Toxic (Pesticide). This classification of bug repellent could be waterbased or oilbased. This spray usually contains the chemical Permethrin. Studies show that Permethrin is a toxic chemical especially to cats. They are poorly absorbed by the skin though.
  1. Non-toxic (Natural). This classification differs from the toxic type mainly from the components or materials incorporated in this bed bugs spray. This type uses organic herbs such as clove, peppermint and coconut extract all of which are safe yet powerful enough to keep bed bugs away.

Best Bed Bugs Spray

  1. Green Rest Easy Natural Bed Bug SprayThis product contains 100% all natural ingredients and very easy to use. Just spray directly to the infested area.
  2. All Stop Dead Bed Bugs SprayThis product caters to the all stages of life of bed bugs from being eggs to becoming mature adults.
  3. Eco Bug Free SprayThis product is one of the best eco-friendly bed bugs spray because it comes with a money back guarantee. This product is only used on furniture and not on fabrics.
  4. JT Eaton Bed Bug Luggage SprayThis toxic pesticide is specifically used for luggage.
  5. Sterifab Bed Bugs SprayThis product is very effective in killing bed bugs however it emits a very strong, irritating smell.

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Many of these of effective products are widely available in the market. It wouldn’t be hard to choose from where to buy bed bugs spray. It can be bought at online retail stores, department stores and even pharmacies. You just need to be very careful of what to choose and consider the safety of the members of the household. Studies also show that some non-toxic bug repellent are not effective anymore because bed bugs have grown immunity to them. Be wise in choosing the safest bed bugs spray by reading bed bugs spray review.