Tips How To Apply Nail Polish

Do you know how to properly paint your nails? There are various reasons as to why people paint their nails. Some do it as part of fashion and beauty whereas others do it to maintain the health of their nails. Whatever the reason is, it is necessary to know how to apply nail polish in the right manner.

how to apply nail polish guideline

Tips on How to Apply Nail Polish

Painting of nails varies from one person to another. With the advent of fashion and art, nowadays people even have designs painted in their finger and toe nails. The results of nail painting or art will greatly depend on how the nail polish is applied. Here are some tips on how to paint your nails properly.

  • The first step is to ensure that you have the necessary tools to use in applying the nail polish of your choice. Prepare your work area so that you can avoid causing a mess.
  • Clean your nails first using warm water and some hand soap to remove any dirt beneath the nails.
  • Then, remove the previous coat of nail polish applied using either an acetone based or non-acetone nail remover.
  • Once the old coat has been removed, wash your hands and toes to ensure no dirt or remains of the old polish are left on the nails. Dry your nails well and perform a manicure and pedicure.
  • Begin by applying a base coat, mostly colorless polish on your clean, manicured and pedicured nails starting from the middle of the nail and work towards the sides. Allow the base coat to dry completely before proceeding.
  • Take your preferred colors of nail polish and apply on the nails in a similar fashion to that used in applying the base coat. Start from middle of the nail and work towards the sides. Ensure the polish is well applied and no bubbles formed.
  • Let this first coat dry then apply a second coat, which can be of a different color as per your preference. To enhance the appearance of your nails, you can apply a thin layer of white nail polish on the tips of the fingernails and toenails, creating a French tip.
  • After the second coat has dried completely, apply a top coat mainly of clear polish in order to give your nails a shine.
  • Allow the top coat to dry then gently remove spots of polish on your skin.

proper nail art and nail polish application

Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to applying nail polish, there are some dos and don’ts that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Before applying any polish, ensure that your nails are well cleaned and cut.
  • Ensure your nails have dried completely before applying polish. Always allow the polish to dry before applying the next coat.
  • Always apply a top coat to give your nails shine.

The tips on how to apply nail polish is an easy undertaking. It becomes easier with time thus ensuring you have beautifully painted nails all the time.

Nail Care Tips to Ensure Clean, Strong And Healthy Nails

How can you maintain the health of your nails? Nails are quite important as they help manage little problems such as scratching an itch and even picking up small items. In addition, nails make the fingers and toes look beautiful, especially in the case of women. To ensure that your nails remain healthy and clean, there are various nail care tips that you can apply.

basic nail care tips

Nail Care Tips

To keep your nails healthy, strong and clean, follow the tips below.

  • It is essential to avoid biting your nails. Biting the nails is known to weaken the nail bed and cuticle, which play a significant role in ensuring that your fingers and nails do not get infections. It also breaks the skin around the nails.
  • Make sure to always keep your nails short. Short nails are easy to clean and do not keep dirt beneath the nails in contrast with long nails. Also, short nails are not prone to breakage.
  • If you have brittle nails, you should take supplements or diets rich in vitamins. This is because brittle nails are a sign of unhealthy nails and poor nutrition. It can also be as a result of lack of moisture on your nails. Therefore, apply clear nail polish as this will help in retaining the nails’ moisture.
  • When cleaning your nails, it is advisable to use a nail brush. This is because the nail brush is soft and is able to remove dirt, bacteria and dead skin without affecting your nails.
  • Always wear socks made of absorbent material like cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture thus ensuring your feet are not damp. This prevents fungal infections on your nails and feet too. Also, ensure to air your shoes regularly to prevent the shoes from being damp.

Other nail care tips include:

  • Keeping your hands and areas around the nails hydrated throughout by using hand lotions and moisturizers.
  • When dealing with chemicals such as bleach, wear protective gear like hand gloves.
  • Avoid pulling off hangnails as this can result in tearing of the skin around the nail bed, making it prone to infections.
  • Always dry your fingernails and toenails thoroughly after bathing or swimming then apply moisturizer afterwards.
  • To prevent chipping of the nail cuticles at the top of the nails, apply white nail polish as this not only offers prevention but also enhances the appearance of your nails.

natural tips for healthy and strong nails

Therefore, to ensure that your nails are clean, strong and healthy, follow the above nail care tips. A healthy and beautifully maintained nails give a lasting impression of how you take care of yourself and your hygiene too. 

How To Be Fashion Forward With Nail Stickers

What methods are you using to improve your nails? Nail stickers adds interesting effects on your nails. With the wide variety you can find in the market, you will never run out of new designs to try. The designs go well with lots of bright colors. If you are thinking that nail art stickers are just for funky teen-agers you can be wrong! There are designs that are made for formal affairs or for older clients.

Nail Polish Stickers VS Nail Polish

It really depends on the type of available product. If you like to add a dash of color on your nail polish, especially the white ones, using different designs of nail arts are the best way to add life to your fingers. You also have to be mindful of the content of some nail polish brands. There are brands that contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health. Because of this, it is better to use nail stickers than suffer the consequence of having polished nails.

chic 3d nail art design

Pros and Cons of Using Nail Art

There are several pros and they are as follows:

  • Many designs that cannot be done with the available nail brush.
  • Fast to apply.
  • Not as toxic as many nail polish available in stores.

The cons on the other hand are:

  • This procedure is more expensive than the conventional procedures if you want it done in the salon.
  • You nails have the tendency to break easily. These type of nail art needs your nails to be long. Even if it is strong, it still has the tendency to break.
  • If you were not able to remove all excess stickers, it will be tangled on cloth surfaces that lead to the damage of your nails.

Types of Nail Art

Several types are invented to keep up with fashion evolution. These are:

  • Nails foil stickers. This has a glossy and glittery look.
  • Nail stripes. These are regular nail art that has linear designs. You can use this over white nail polish background.
  • Nail jewels. These are also stick-on where you will use rhinestones to decorate your nails.
  • Water marble. This is not really a sticker nail art. It involves technique in which you apply a drop of water from a tooth pick over a wet surface of nail polish. The result is a shinny gloss circles on your nail surface.
  • Nail tattoo stickers. The designs are as graphic as skin tattoo.

tattoo nail art stickers

Nails are great for expressing yourself through art. The key is to keep your nails healthy and pretty in shape. Nail stickers will look more attractive if you know how to apply and maintain it.

Crackle Nail Polish: Crazy Innovation On Pretty Cracks

Crackle nail polish is a new design in nail fashion. It has turned a lot of heads towards its direction because of the interesting and unique look. You can be amazed on how conventional is it design which caught you in a question, “How do they do that?” The cracked effect is the most magnetizing attribute of this type of nail polish.

What is Crackle Nail Polish?

You might be always hearing that but, you cannot imagine how it look like or how is it done. Well, it is a new design on nail polish that cracks, like what the term implies. It is supper cute because of the contrast of colors especially if you combine black crackle nail polish with a right colored back ground.

popular sally hansen crackle nail polish

What Makes the Crackle Crack?

Unlike the conventional type of nail polish which finishes smooth and evenly, crackle dries on the opposite way. It finishes cracked. Manufacturers discovered a breakthrough in nail polish with ethanol. This substances in added to a regular nail polish to make an all-cracked up finish.

How Do You Apply It?

The cracked effect is what makes most of the fashion-vultures curious about. So, here’s the great revelation on how to have your nails looked cracked:

  • Clean your nails, first. Have a good manicure first. .
  • Choose a base color. This stands as the back ground of the cracks. Typically, crackle glaze nail polish goes nicely with black, gold, silver and white nail polish. Other colors may also work but, they may look candid. However, it is up to you to decide what effect do you like.
  • Dry the base coat thoroughly.
  • Apply the crackle nail polish. It will instantly show the crackle effect. If you like smaller crackle, paint thin layer. If you like to make it bigger, apply thick layer. If you like crazy crackle, apply another layer before the first crackle dries.
  • Apply the clear top coal polish. This will lock in the colors and it will last longer and smoother.

What are the Top Brands?

The top brands for this type of nail polish are:

  • OPI Crackle Nail Polish
  • Sally Hansen
  • Knockout Cosmetics Liberty nail polish
  • CoverGirl Crackle Nail Polish
  • Mia’s Secret Nail Polish

nail trend all crack up nail polish

The world of fashion is an exciting roller coaster ride. Sometimes, it commands you to dress up from scalp to toenails. Other times, dressing down is the “it” thing. No matter what crazy the highs and lows are, it always runs on top speed. Crackle nail polish is a great add on to your fashion caboodle!

Fashion In White Nail Polish

What can be worn with a white nail polish?Are there common white nail polish designs to enhance the look? Other than French manicures, is it ok to have a plain white nail? When asked, most women enjoy wearing such white polish. To answer your queries, dive into the details about this polish fashion.

cute white nail polish

Pros and Cons of White Nail Polish

There is this common misconception that white is one of those “no go” colors after certain holidays. Actually, you can paint your nails white any time of the year as long as you jazz it up with your own fashion sense. The pros of white color are that it’s clean, crisp, and makes your nails look healthy. The white color is actually easy to accessorize and color coordinate with your ensemble. It even works wellwith most skin tones.

On the other hand, it also comes with disadvantages such as:

  • Blemishes are easy to see.
  • Off-whitedoesn’t look “clean” against some skin types.
  • Bright white can look gaudy against a darker skin tone.

white nail polish with simple nail art

However, don’t let these cons stop you. The white look is still a beautiful and elegantexpression as long as you mind the fashion tips outlinedbelow.

Fashion Sense

Your look isn’t complete without some accessories, may they bebangles, bracelets, rings, dresses and your dangle earrings or knee-high boots. Just remember that white goes with just about anything so it’s a great advantage to using this color polish.

  • AccessoriesTurquoise necklaces, red bracelets or earrings, and even a bright pastel color ensemble complements white nails quite nicely.
  • Color CoordinationYou can’t go wrong with white. If you pair it up against a white dress and white gold jewelry you will turn heads. Just be mindful of tacky contrasts like wearing too much black with the white nails as it will come off looking cheap.
  • Skin ToneCertainly, mind your skin tone. If you have very tan or dark skin, you may want to add embellishments or designs into the white nail to break up the white canvas of your nails. Contrasts work well but sometimes, as in the case with make-up, one must mind their skin tone before applying white.

glistening white nail polish


Do you find a plain white nail to be boring? Fear not, you can still have the clean and sophisticated look of white without the humdrum nature you find in it. Here are some suggestions.

  • Off White Nail PolishSome people love it, others don’t. But off-white isn’t going anywhere. This isn’t the bright, snow white color you think of with white nails. But it works well with pale skin tones or very dark ones as well.
  • Plain White Nail PolishHave you considered drawing a heart, leaf, ribbon or abstract design into your white-painted nails? Have at it. In addition, it is found that people are expressing their interests and artistic talents by showcasing miniature art on their nails.
  • White Glitter Nail PolishSally Hansen brand polish offers a delightful white glitter. If you need some added flecksof metallic color, then a glitter style is the way to go for sure.

cool white nail polish nail art

Be bold and try different combinations of accessories with your white nails. Also, if you have your own design ideas to paint onto the nail to add excitement, then you absolutely should. Get out there and have your nails a bottle of white polish today.

One Of The Most Popular Nail Polish Brands Revealed

Are you aware how Chanel nail polish became popular? Millions of ladies use nail polish and there are so many brands and colors to choose from. One of the popular nail polish brands that hit the market with a bang is the Chanel holographic nail polish. Thousands, if not millions of ladies have been enthused with the mixture of beautiful colors and the results it leaves on their fingers. The nail polish was first released in the year of 2007, and has been identified as symbols of elegance, class, and style. Young as well as older women use this nail polish, and many women love the three dimensional look that it leaves on the fingers.

popular chanel les pop up nail polish

Brief History

The House of Chanel has been in existence since the year 1909 in the areas of France and Europe and the famous Gabrielle Chanel is responsible for starting it all. The company has had great success through the years and has been continuing its existence every since as one of the most popular nail polish brands, along with famous perfumes, fashion clothes and more.

Chanel has many products such as handbags, jewelry, men and women colognes, popular clothing lines and a host of many other things. It has been said that the famous Chanel polish can only be bought in Europe, but it is available for purchase on many websites on the internet. People who want to try the nail polish but are unsure should read different reviews and seek information about it. The Chanel Le Vernis is one of the more popular colors that women order quite frequently, and some of the prices are not cheap but customers really do feel the price is much worth the product.

Famous Colors

There are many colors to choose from when purchasing Chanel polish, and some of the more famous colors for the year 2013 are:

  • Black Pearl
  • Vamp
  • Jade
  • Rouge Noir
  • Gold
  • Paradoxal
  • Chanel Graphite
  • Quartz

cute chanel-inspired nail art

Chanel is one of the most popular nail polish brands today, though there are many women who would rather use plain brands of polish instead of using this type. There are still many ways that women can style their nails and may look to have been done by professionals. Women love designs of all types and many are very easy to apply and take care of.

Famous Designs

  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • Nature-Trees, Plants
  • Glitter and Multicolored nails
  • Rhinestones
  • Diamonds

There are many other designs available and women can get the design of their choice for a price.