First, there was hair dyeing. Then salons begin offering eyebrow threading and tinting. Now, the newest trend is eyelash perm and tinting. Eyelash tint gives you the look of having mascara on without actually putting it on. Here are some of the benefits of eyelash tinting.

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Advantages of Eyelash Tinting

  • Add Beauty To Your Eyes
    One of the main benefits of eyelash tinting is it can beautify your eyes. If you are blonde, you would probably have blonde or light colored eyelashes. Women use mascara to highlight their eyes. With this tint, you can achieve the illusion of lengthier eyelashes without using any make up. Its strong, black tint adds more drama to the eyes.
  • Alternative To Mascara
    If you hate mascara and hate the fact that you have to use it every morning, one of the benefits of using tinting is that you no longer have to routinely apply mascara. You can have the look of fuller eyelashes without using any make up. The downside of using regular mascara is they leave chunky residue. Worse, if you use non-waterproof, low quality mascara, you can mess up your look and end up having black streaks all over your face because it can smear and smudge at the wrong places. If you want a clean look and blacker lashes without all the hassle, better go with a tint.
  • Safe To Use
    Another benefits of eyelash tinting is that it is safe. It is best that you go to a professional salon that uses only the safest products.  Tints for eyelashes should be made from vegetable-based dye. This will lessen the risk of eye irritation. The FDA does not approve of the usage of color additives for eyelash permanent dyeing.  Reputable salons offer only temporary tinting and use products that are safe for the eyes.
  • Convenience
    These tints can last 4 to 6 weeks. You can be mascara-free for about a month or so, yet you will have adorable and stunning eyelashes. If you have an active and busy lifestyle and you don’t really want to touch up every now and then, this is a suitable alternative for you. What’s even more convenient is that it has no maintenance. Have an eyelash tint from your local salon and once you done, you don’t need any special eye product to use. Once you have it, you are good to go.

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With this new innovation, beautifying oneself has never been easier and a lot faster.