Having an outdoor adventure means having the right gear that enables you to keep up with the challenging scenarios of the great outdoors. Bear Claw boots are one of the best footwear ever innovated for this exciting activity. They are intended for rocky mountain trails and also forest hiking. Their structures from the body to the soles are well-fabricated to keep your feet well protected. Bear Claw boots do not easily wear even you tread over sharp rocks, the river side and on snow.

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A Grasp on the Bear Claw

The Bear claw boots series are distributed by Rocky Shoes and Boots, Inc. from the United States. This company has created several popular brands of outdoor and non-military occupational footwear for men and women like Rocky, Durango, Georgia Boot and Lehigh Safety Shoes. Their products are made with premium quality materials and fabrication. Their products are categorized in three footwear types which are:

  • Hunting and hiking boots
  • Non-military occupational footwear
  • Hand-sewn casual footwear

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These kinds of footwear catered the workers on the swamps, snow trekkers, and rocky mountain hikers.

General Features of Bear Claw Boots

The outer soles of the Bear Claw boots are hard and studded made from Vibram rubber. This characteristic makes for a rugged appearance with a slip-free under-surface and a durable shoe. The body’s outer covering is made of Gore-Tex®, a micro pore fabric that keeps environmental moisture like snow, rain, and river side waves, out. It also makes perspiration to evaporate more quickly.  The inner lining has a Thinsulate™ thermal regulation property so your feet will not get cold even in a snowy environment. The inner foot encasement is made of Cambrelle® cushion which makes your feet comfy and moisture-free. The foot beds have Air-O-Magic cushion which provides a soft-absorption of your weight which makes your feet’s action during movement very easy.

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Popular Types of Bear Claw Boots

  1. Rocky Bear Claw Boots for men. These boots are perfectly masculine. They are mainly used for hunting game, trail hiking, and occupational activities in watery places like riversides and swamps. Some of  the most popular products under this series are the following:
  • Rocky Bear Claw 3D Hunting boots – It has a Gore-Tex® covering on the outer body to keep moisture from getting in. The outer soles are thick and sturdy. It has metal holes for the shoelace to keep it from getting easily torn. It comes in camouflage or plain brown design with colors varying from dark brown, medium brown and mossy green.
  • Rocky Bear Claw Hunting Boots – The outer soles are few centimeters wider than the actual boot size. This makes a stronger attachment of the boot to the soles because the edges are thicker. It also comes in browns and camouflage colors.
  • Bison Bear Claw Studded Field Boots – This type has a side zip for easy slip on. The façade is simple black with an olive green lining design. The rubber outer body is water resistant that enables you to work on swampy areas without water getting in your feet.
  • Rocky Men’s Boots WP/GTX 9 inch Lace-to-Toe – This model reaches the mid calves. It has a long trail of strong lace which protects moisture from coming in. This model is made from brown leather.
  • Women’s Western Boots are designed as duty boots for swamps, snow treading and mountaineering. If you are an adventure lover gal, this one is can serve you best.
  1. Bear Claw Boots for Women. Occupational and hunting boots for women are also available. Duty-oriented work boots are made to conform to women’s feet during action packed adventures.
  1. Bear Claw boots for kids. Hunting boots for kids are made with the same materials and meticulous manufacturing. They are soft on the inside but strong and sturdy on the outside. Popular Bear Claw boots for kids are the following:
  • Rocky Boy’s Bear Claw MO Breakup Boots comes in a charming light brown camouflage appearance. It has metal shoelace holes and studded out soles.
  • Timberland Scuffproof Lace-up Boots comes in medium mustard brown color with velvety appearance. It is ankle high and with six shoelace holes as easy-to-wear feature.
  • Rocky Infant Boots Mountain Stalker Lace-up comes in dark chocolate brown color with lace. The cute appeal blends well with the robust body looks adorably tough.

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Bear Claw boots are intended for occupational functions like swamp loggers, river and fishing jobs. It can also be used for hunting games, trekking, and other outdoor adventures.

Hunting boots should have a very high quality and can withstand harsh elements of the outdoors. It must also make your feet dry, comfortable and blister-free to make you keep up with the challenges on the hunting grounds. Bear Claw boots will never let you down as you enjoy your great outdoor adventure.