Beanie hats (or ‘beanies’) are a kind of head clothing made from triangular sections of cloth and sewn together at the sides and top. It is commonly used in the cold seasons especially the winter. Latest designs are knitted from wool with acrylic which enhances its suitability during the cold seasons and limiting sweat retention. It is ideal for snowboarders or ice skiers since they provide warmth to the head and ears. They also give the wearer more visibility unlike the regular caps.

Beanie hats can also be used for casual dressing. They can fit any head size and they come in a wide array of colors to choose from. Examples are the knit beanie hats that are excellent accessories for winter since they keep the head and ears warm in the cold weather.

best comfortable beanie hats

They come in different types and sizes and in different colors. Some have ear flaps, swindle in the band and short tassels. They have a great look and the heavy knit patterns keep the wearers warm. The major difference between caps and beanie hats is the fact that a beanie hat does not have brims and they are close fitting.

The Customized Hat

A Toboggan hat comes in different designs and colors. There are those with ear flaps which is good at protecting the ears from biting cold. It can be knitted by hand or machines. To knit a toboggan hat, you will need a needle. The needle’s size will depend with the thickness of the yarn that will be used.

diy and custom beanie hats

For thicker yarns a bigger needle will be needed. Wool can also be used for knitting since it retains warmth easily. You will also need to determine the yarn you will use. Once the yarn is determined then the knitting process can begin. The stitches should be even. They are popular custom beanie hats because of their flexibility when it comes to design.

This hat can be worn for different occasions. They are considered as casual piece of clothing thus recommended for casual events. For formal events, different types of hats can be worn. They are different from beanie hats in terms of design and use.

The Popular Design

The wholesale beanie hats are one of the most loved and popular hat available today. These hats are preferred by people of all ages. Beanie hats easily fit into briefcases and pockets and they don’t wrinkle or dent like regular structured caps. It comfortably fits and insulates due to the small pockets of air that are trapped within the knit.