Alpinestars boots are among the best choices of footwear for motocross and motorcycle racing, cruising, and outdoor biking adventures. The advanced safety features alone makes them the number one and unparalleled industry leaders. A lot of biking and racing enthusiast also prefer Alpinestars for comfort, flexibility, maneuverability, or with the boots’ unique and superb designs.

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Brief Background on the Alpinestars Brand

Alpinestars Company is a manufacturer of top quality protective wears and gears primarily used for motorcycle, automotive, cycling, and other types of racing or active sports. The company was initially established in 1963 to produce hiking and ski footwear, but later on, its leaders found a bigger opportunity in creating Alpinestars motocross boots. After its success in the Moto field, it expanded to ordinary motorcycle, bicycle, and automotive racing and adventure gears. The company has also been the pioneer when it comes to introducing the latest technologies in terms of racing gear or suit safety. The Tech Air Race System is one of the few examples of said innovations featured on certain models of Alpinestars boots. The brand has also been used by world racing champions like Roger DeCoster, Mick Doohan, Kenny Roberts, Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies, and many more.

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Advantages of Using Alpinestars Boots

The following are some of the leading reasons why racers and hobbyists, including world champions choose the Alpinestars brand.

  • Maximum safety and protection. Automotive and motorcycle racing is a very tough and dangerous activity which therefore requires the highest provisions for physical safety and protection. All boots designed and manufactured by Alpinestars are capable of absorbing the highest levels of shocks and impacts that may be inflicted to a person in cases of accidents.
  • Provides precision control. Certain boot brands are too heavy or thickly crafted that they tend to inhibit the rider’s feel or grip of the foot pedals and other controls. And this is also risky that it may lead to miscalculations while driving. Alpinestars motorcycle boots on the other hand are designed with perfect fit, thickness, weight, angles, and blade mechanisms that provide the needed feel and sensitivity for the pedals, brakes, shifting gears, etc.
  • Comfortable riding. All boots designed by Alpinestars are breathable. This ensures the free flow of air within the footwear preventing sweating or any feet discomfort while the driver is in action. Foot, particularly ankle flexibility is also ensured. The boots are flexibly designed and do not hamper the agile movements of the feet.
  • Alpinestars boots are durable. All riding and sports boots are designed not only to achieve maximum performance but to endure extreme wear and tear as well. Even with the toughest riding or racing conditions, the boots are expected to last for months or even years without affecting its functionality.

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The Best Features of Alpinestars Boots

With all the good features of these specially designed boots, the following are deemed the best features that an Alpinestars user could have.

  • All boots are made out of high quality micro-fiber, mesh, full grain-leather, and other premium materials.
  • All boots are durable yet weigh extremely light.
  • Integrated with TPU technology to fully protect the ankle, lower foot, and the toe-box area.
  • The boots are integrated with breathable 3D mesh which also provides optimal comfort.
  • Most models like the Alpinestars SMX Plus boots are 100 percent water and dirt proof.
  • All boots also feature improved grip and traction.
  • All models are crafted with the best and unique designs.

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There is no doubt why many race buffs prefer Alpinestars boots. Their innovative features, ergonomic designs, and supreme benefits are revolutionary, making every enthusiast a real world champion.