Mineral makeup is the latest craze to the fast growing beauty culture dedicated to self improvement or better living. Unlike traditional products, this kind of makeup does not contain talc, perfume, dyes, alcohol, preservatives or mineral oil, and neither does it support growth of bacteria. For this reason, mineral cosmetics, or rather mineral makeup are less likely to become contaminated as compared to other make up types.

Since ancient times, women have been applying makeup in order for them to hide their various skin blemishes and give their skin a natural glow and make them look beautiful. The 20th century is a huge market for all cosmetic products. Today however, people developed the habit to become more health conscious on what they are applying on their bodies, where most of it is being applied on their skin and to be even more precise, their faces.

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With this new consciousness therefore, there arose a need for production of makeup products that are preservative and mineral free, thus the mineral makeup products.  In general, earth’s variety of natural minerals composes these makeups. These natural minerals are:

  • Titanium oxide, which is a very popular sunscreen that prevents sunburns
  • Iron oxides
  • Bismuth oxychloride
  • Zinc oxide, a mineral that is mostly used in diaper rash creams to ease irritation

Above mentioned mineral particles are thought to be too large to penetrate a person’s skin, or clog up its tiny pores. Mineral makeup free samples are found in all leading cosmetics for testing purposes.

beneficial facts about mineral makeups

Benefits of Mineral Makeup

All natural mineral makeup is light weight, but it can still afford to provide maximum coverage for your skin. Below are some benefits of mineral makeup over chemical based ones;

  • It is believed that mineral based makeup offer a more natural look as compared to their chemical counter parts.
  • Mineral based makeup give one a better feel as a result of their light weight.
  • These kinds of makeup act as a natural sun screen since they contain titanium oxide.
  • If not mixed with non mineral ingredients, mineral based makeup is less likely to irritate sensitive skin.
  • If pressed in manufacturing process, mineral based make up is easier to apply and maintain for a long time frame.
  • Mineral based makeup is a healthier option as compared to chemical based make up since in the latter, harmful chemicals is evaded.

Jane makeup refers to a line of cosmetic products that is focused on the production of mineral makeup for oily skin. This cosmetics line is popular for producing mineral makeup products of great quality for women of all ages.

Mineral based makeup is proven to be more efficient and has better quality than chemical based makeup. They offer minimum or no irritation at all to its users. It should be safe to say that in time these great products will take over the entire cosmetic industry.