In the event that you want to design a kitchen with 1960s look, the space would not be complete if you don’t have a retro fridge. The most popular appliances with this stylish appearance would be the Smeg models, but there are many other alternatives to this brand. For instance, Baumatic fridge freezer models offer some of the most beautiful retro styles with silver handles and soft curves.

You can get a freestanding retro style fridge freezer by Baumatic. This unit stands at an impressive height of 146.5 cm and can become the centerpiece in a modern-day kitchen. Most families love the robust models because they provide an element of uniqueness when compared to the appliance with the standard look.

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Having said that, if you are worried that a retro fridge might look garish or misplaced amidst the other modern day appliances, you don’t have to worry. Retro appliances will not look odd in a modern-day kitchen, but will simply add some more flair and character to any room. You will discover that the retro style Baumatic fridge freezer is not only a good looking appliance, but it’s also functional. Regardless of its retro look, the fridge will come equipped with an A+ energy rating. This rating will ensure that the fridge runs efficiently and consequently reduce your energy bill.

The retro fridge often comes in colors such as ivory or back, but you could opt for a Baumatic stainless steel fridge freezer if this will be a better match for your existing décor. When you buy Baumatic fridge freezers in retro model you will get a 250 liter capacity to suit the needs of a large family for an entire week. In addition, there is also a frozen food compartment that will give you easy access to the frozen groceries. This will be a very useful function when you are storing food for parties or even if you are using it to store small portions of food if you have the main freezer in an outhouse or garage.

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There is also a smart auto defrost feature that will stop the build-up of ice on the cooling compartment. This means that you can run the Baumatic fridge freezer at its optimum capacity all the time since it will require less energy to operate normally to keep food items fresh. In addition, there are four shelves in the freezer made from safety glass that will not break easily and will reduce the risk of getting cuts. This is great when you have young kids at home because accidents can occur at any time.
All in all, a Baumatic fridge freezer will be an asset to any kitchen with classic or modern design. Just ensure that you take the correct measurements for it to fit perfectly in the allotted space.