A necessity for every baseball player, bat bags are important pieces of equipment to be brought for every game or practice. Often, baseball is as much about fashion as it is about functionality, so choosing a good looking bag is just as important as choosing a bag with the features you want. Remember that at the very least, your backpack will have to be able to easily carry one bat and one glove. If it cannot at least do that, it is not worth it. There is an infinite amount of choices for styles, so you will be happy with whatever style of bat bags you choose.

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Different Styles of Bat Bags

The most popular styles available are the bat bags with wheels, backpack style bat bags, and the normal bat bag.

  • Standard Bat Bags – The old-school standard bat bags are by far the cheapest variety, but they have much more limited space, and fewer features. These bat bags are great for anybody who wants to get into baseball without having to spend too much money. One very detrimental flaw in this style is that the bottom will wear out very quickly because they wind up getting dragged through dirt, over grass and across concrete. You should be very careful to always carry it the way it was designed to be used or you will suffer from your belongings falling out of a gaping hole in the bottom.
  • Standard Bag With Wheels – This style is of higher quality than the standard bat bag, but not quite as good as the backpack style bags. These bags are usually very spacious and are great for catchers because they can fit all their gear easily. One downside that a consumer experienced with this style is that he found it hard to avoid accidentally kicking the bag as it trails behind him. The bottom of the rolling style bag that he bought also fell apart after about three seasons, and his gear was leaking out all over the place.

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  • Backpack Style – The backpack style bags are the next step up in quality. This backpack is extremely convenient if you do not have too much gear. The bag itself is lighter and the load is carried much less awkward than the other two styles. One downside is that most backpacks of this style are not very big compared to the two other styles, except for the Boombah backpack bat bags. Boombah’s Superpack Bat Bag is much larger than most backpack style bat bags.

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Featured Softball and Baseball Bat Bags

The Demarini Player’s Bag is one of the best softball bat bags on the market. This bag is wheeled and is very big, and has a reinforced base to protect the base of the bag from the ground. This bag comes in four different color combinations and is priced at around $120.

If you are looking for a bargain on baseball bat bags, go with the Easton Tote Bag. It is of the non-wheeled style and is an intro level bag. This bag can hold one bat and a small amount of other supplies. For only about $15, this bag is great for any player just coming in to baseball.

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Bat bags not only give the baseball player a stylish equipment but it also serves its function to hold and carry one’s baseball gears. These bags are offered by trusted sports equipment brands such as Mizuno and Nike, and online stores like Baseball Express and Eastbay.