What are the benefits of having nail polish that is metallic? Metallic nail polish finishes make nails look like metal because of the shimmering look it gives the nails when the application is done. It differs from regular nail polish because of its natural shine unlike the ordinary polish where the shine is only achieved after clear varnish has been applied over it. Nail polish referred to as metallic is available in a variety of colors, not only the silver or gold that is quite popular. Furthermore, this type of nail polish is considered chic as well as modern and a favorite for women with long or short nails who want their nails to appear strong while attracting attention.

fancy navy blue metallic nail polish

Types Of Metallic Nail Polish

Among the wide variety of nail polishes that give a metallic finish, there are those that are popular and can be spotted on the fingernails of many women. These nail polish finishes are available in many stores whether online stores or at beauty stores in different malls and they include:

classy mirror metallic nail polish

  • Metallic Mirror Nail Polish This type of nail polish is highly reflective bringing out special effects of a metallic finish on the nails. The special effects include mirror shine, color-shifting effect and intensity of color that is attributed to the formula used in its creation.
  • Metallic Silver Nail Polish This type of nail polish brings out a silvery effect on the nails leaving them looking shiny. The silver metallic finish is popular among both younger and older women as it is can be worn for any occasion.
  • Metallic Gold Nail Polish This is a favorite of many women who would like their nails to look classy with a metallic finish. Gold is a color that is able to complement any type of outfit thereby making this particular nail polish a “must have” for any woman.

shining shimmery metallic light gold nail polish

Fashion Tips On Metallic Nail Polish

Although, nail polish that gives a metallic finish is a favorite of many women, it is important to know how to pair them up with various outfits and when to wear them.

  • Wear nail polish that is as close to your skin tone as possible, so that they can complement each other. However, there are times when a color that contrasts the skin tone is acceptable especially for younger girls.
  • Use subtle shades for everyday wear as brighter shades can be distracting when interacting with various people. Wear brighter shades when attending a party or when trying to make an impression on a date.
  • If possible, match your nail polish color with that of your eye shadow for a picture perfect look. However, shades like silver and gold can be used together as long as either shade is not overdone.
  • To create a unique nail color, you can apply more than one color of metallic nail polish on your nails.

molten silver metallic nail polish

Ultimately, having nail polish with a metallic finish is a “must have” for women who want to stand out and have a distinctive look whether at work or when attending a special event.