Musical instruments are the devices that are invented for the purpose of producing a variety of sounds. In fact, any object that makes a sound can be called as a musical instrument. These instruments can be further be classified into various categories based on the medium of sound they produce.

Musical instruments are constructed in a wide variety of types, styles and shapes. To construct a musical instrument, various materials of different properties and characteristics are used. In the early days, these instruments were constructed from natural elements like plant parts, shells, tree stem among others. Nowadays, these instruments are constructed using various metals and objects. There are hundreds of musical instruments that produce high-quality unique sounds.

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Main Types Of Musical Instruments

These instruments can be classified into four categories, namely brass instruments, string instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments.

  • Brass Instruments
    Brass instruments are those in which sound is produced by the vibration of air in a resonator. The desired sound is produced in symphony by the vibration of the person’s lips. A number of factors and elements are there in a brass instrument that produce sounds of different tune and pitch. Examples of brass instruments are – Trumpet, Tuba, French horn, Trombone, Bugle, Conch, Bazooka, Flat trumpet and several others.
  • String Instruments
    String instruments produce various sounds with the help of vibrating strings. These musical instruments produce music by vibrating one or multiple strings. The techniques bowing, plucking and striking are used to produce sound from these types of instruments. Guitar, Violin, Piano, Mandolin, Banjo, Sitar, Santoor, Sarod, Halpa are examples of string instruments.
  • Wind Instruments
    Wind instruments have some resonators, in which the sound is produced when a person blows air into or over the mouthpiece. When the player blows air, a column of air is set into it which produces a vibration, resulting in producing the desired sound. The length of the tube determines the pitch of the sound. Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe, Shehnai, Bagpipe, Pianica, Harmonica and Accordion are examples of wind instruments.
  • Percussion Instruments
    These instruments produce sound when the player strikes or scrapes the instrument. One can even rub the instrument by hand or struck against similar instrument to produce the desired sound beat. The percussion instruments are considered as the oldest of all the musical instruments. Percussion instruments can be classified into pitched and unpitched. Drums, Nagara, Bells, Tabla, Duff, Dhol, Triangle, Xylophone, Marimba and Cymbals belong in the category of percussion instruments.

All the above categories are truly based on the mechanism in which they were constructed. With the advances and growth in technology, many new instruments were constructed that re-produce the sounds that are generated from the basic music instruments. Some of the musical instruments that reproduce existing sounds are – Synthesizers, Samplers, Octopads, Piano keyboards, Synclavier and many others.

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Instrument Amplifier

To amplify the sounds produces by the above instruments; amplifiers are used that converts the audible sound from the musical instrument into electric signals that drives a loudspeaker. In this way, the sound generated from the musical instruments like electric guitar, electric piano and others reaches a large number of audiences. The amplifiers are must for country, blue and rock musicians who need a strictly clean sound with a variety of effects on their musical instruments.

Fender deluxe reverb is an instrument amplifier that meets the requirements of rock musicians who prefer solo playing. Fender deluxe reverb has four 10″ speakers, vibrato effects, tube amplifiers and built-in reverb which can produce stunning sound effects. The sound produced from the amplifier is clean and beautiful and the player can do whatever he wants to do.