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Basic Paper Cutting Crafts for Kids | Content Injection

Kids can learn easily to be creative and agile by using some paper cutting crafts for kids. You can start with simple projects when they are still young and as they grow older, you can give them something more complex. You can give them not just paper cutting projects, but also together with folding, decorating and measuring, which makes the project more creative.

Fun Paper Craft Projects for Kids

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Here are samples of paper cutting crafts for kids that you can teach to your young ones.

1.)    Creating shapes:

In this activity, children will not just learn about cutting methods, but as well as learning the different colors and shapes. You can use the appropriate scissors while doing the activity for young kids when they cut papers into some basic shapes like squares, circles, or triangles. This will help them a lot in getting used to using the scissors. You can find shapes in the coloring books that are created by adults. You can ask the kids to color first the shapes before they cut them.

2.)    Designing masks:

This is one of the paper cutting crafts for kids that involve designing a mask or looking for templates in the internet where you can print them. Kids can cut the mask and color it with paint and decorate some glitters, sequins or feathers. You can design a mask according to the holidays and events for that season. You can fasten a wood on the side of the mask for holding or an elastic string in each side of the mask.

3.)    Weaving place mats:

Using the colored construction paper, ask the kids to cut them into strips. Each will have 1 inch wide from different colors. They can use the ruler in measuring the strips. Get also another construction paper where they can cut leaving only a 1 inch frame around the perimeter.  Instruct and teach them to open the paper and weave the strips into a place mat; or, to trim the paper and have the craft laminated to be used as place mat.

4.)    Mobius strip:

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This is a good activity for older kids so young ones won’t get all the fun of paper cutting crafts for kids. This can be a fun and challenging craft where they could do together with you. The activity is named after a German mathematician from the 19th century.

If you are looking for some paper shredders to use after the paper cutting activities with your children, Fellowes shredders are recommended. They cut papers where you can recycle them after for you to teach also to the kids.