A lacrosse sport is not complete without the use of lacrosse sticks. This stick’s main function is to move the playing ball around the field. Players use these sticks to pass the ball from one player to another and attempt to shoot a goal to the opposing team.

Parts of a Lacrosse Stick

Lacrosse sticks basically have three parts; the head, pocket and shaft. All these parts vary depending on whether it is designed primarily based on gender and playing position. Below are parts of lacrosse sticks:

  • Shaft holds the lacrosse ball. Overall length for men‘s shaft is 40 to 42 inches while for midfielders and defense is 52 to 72 inches. Women’s shafts range from 35.5 to 43.25 that are applicable to all players with an exception of the goal keeper.
  • Head of lacrosse stick for all players is approximately 10inches wide, except for the goal keeper’s which might extend up to 12 inches. Mostly, the material used in construction of head is synthetic although you can also find some made from wood.
  • Pocket is a part of lacrosse stick used for cradling the ball. For girls lacrosse sticks the pocket’s depth must be greater than the side walls off the head. Type of pocket also depends on expertise; if you are an attack player you can have deeper pockets with short sticks.

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Traditional Vs Contemporary Design

Lacrosse sticks are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. A traditional lacrosse stick has been designed using wood extracted from hickory tree. Its shape is obtained through a process of steam bending. The top and sidewalls are drilled with holes to give an allowance for nylon string weaving. The head part is usually woven with leather up to the throat and net weaving is applied to form the net. Though these sticks are traditional they are still used today especially by those who play box lacrosse and by women.

Contemporary lacrosse sticks on the other hand have plastic heads attached to a metal shaft. Its head can either have a leather or nylon strings so as to form the pocket. The length, sidewalls and width of these sticks generally depend on the rules of the game. Each game has its own sticks specifications and hence essential to first know what rules govern your sport before purchasing a stick.

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These sticks are not only used by adults, as you can get your kids mini lacrosse sticks to enable them enjoy a game of lacrosse. These sticks have been designed exactly to fit a kid’s hand.

Lacrosse sticks can either be purchased online or in sports stores. You can go for custom lacrosse sticks that are customized as per your preferences. When getting these sticks, ensure that they are of good quality and of the required specifications.