A digital camera is a must have today. There are so many different types that choosing the right one for you can be difficult. If you have no knowledge about the various types, you could be confused seeing so many options. Each camera differs in various aspects and thus, knowing about each is very important. Without adequate knowledge you might end up buying a very expensive camera which complex features that are of no use to you. Here are the various digital cameras and their features to make your choice easier for you:

fujifilm semi pro digital camera

Types Of Digital Cameras

  • Point And Shoot Digital Cameras

You will find a huge range of cameras under this category. Earlier, they were in the range of two to four megapixels but with advanced technology and the haste to be better has made developers released many better models. The best digital cameras in this category today will also offer 14 to 16 megapixels. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose the model. The price usually increases with the increase in the megapixels. These cameras are used to take pictures only. The features are limited as compared to the other categories. These are good for normal use and the image quality is quite good. If you only want to take pictures of your family and friends, these are ideal.

  • Semi Professional Digital Cameras

These are advanced cameras. The image quality is much better and you can use these very flexibly. There are numerous settings with more options that help you attain more control over the camera. This better control over your camera will help you get better shots. If you are a photography enthusiast and would love to explore your creative side with a camera, these cameras are ideal to get started. However, these are more expensive.

  • Digital SLR Cameras

These cameras are the most advanced and the best. These are also very expensive and thus you should think about buying them only if you are really into photography. SLR is short for Single Lens Reflex. If you buy Canon digital cameras or Nikon digital cameras, you will be guaranteed great quality because these are the best brands especially for DSLR cameras. Also, these cameras allow you to change your lenses according to your preference. The amount of control these digital cameras allows is simply amazing and the image quality is unbeatable.

most advanced and the best digital slr camera

Thus, depending on your preferences and your passion about photography, you can make your pick. There are also disposable cameras that you could buy if you only want to use the camera for single occasion. For long running events like a wedding, you could buy disposable cameras in bulk. They are easily available today in stores as well as over the internet.