Gardening is considered as one of the best hobbies there is. Before starting your gardening activities, it is important to buy the necessary gardening tools and equipment that make the work more convenient. There are a number of different gardening tools available, by using which can give you the desired look for your garden. Below are some of the basic gardening tools that one must have in their garden.

basic gardening tool guide

Shovel and Spade

Shovel is used for scooping sand while spade is used for digging. You can even find a shovel and spade in a single unit which can be used interchangeably. To make the work easier, one can choose a shovel with D-shaped handle and spade with a tough handle.

Tip: To prevent dirt from accumulating in your fingernails, draw a bar of soap across your fingers.

Lawn Rake

A lawn rake has two variations which are the following:

  • A lawn rake is used to remove the branches and falling leaves. Usually, it is a lightweight tool that is easy to carry.
  • However, there are some rakes that are heavy and supported by a bow-shaped frame. These rakes are also used for removing rocks and other heavy material from the garden.

Tip: Try to keep the rakes and other tools sharp, so that your gardening work completes quickly.


Pruners can be used to prune plants and remove dead branches too. These are handheld tools that are available in two different models.

  • One is the bypass model which acts like scissors.
  • The other is a blade model, where the blade stops as soon as it cuts the branches.

Garden Gloves

Garden gloves protect your hands from mud, making your time in the garden more enjoyable. It is advised to have a couple of gloves to adapt different situation. One can buy gardening gloves that have a water-proof coating or are made of plastic, to keep your hands dry while gardening.

Tip: Use gloves that have a sticky surface to avoid slipping of the tools from hand.

Garden Knife and Fork

These gardening tools help you to cut heavy soil. This tool makes the digging work easier. As the gardening forks make the soil loose, you can easily mix different materials and fertilizers into the soil. You can easily harvest root crops like -potato, carrot, radish, onion etc.

Tip: You can use leftover tea and coffee powder to fertilize the soil.

Gardening Clipper/Shear

Garden clippers are used to trim the plants to make them look good. These handy gardening tools are ideal for removing the damaged portion of the plants, keeping them healthy. These are must-have tools for flower gardens.

Hand-held Hoe

A hoe is a tiny gardening tool used to weed the garden. You can easily go to those hard-to-reach corners of your garden without troubling the crop.

essential tools for gardening

Watering Can or Garden Hose

Garden hose is used to water plants. Not only this, the garden hose washes soil from the driveways, sidewalks and other paved paths of the garden. A watering can is used for small watering jobs like sprinkling water on plants.

Other than the above said tools, plant labels play a very important role in identifying all the plants in your garden, especially the saplings. They can be made from aluminum, plastic, copper, slate and zinc. One must have all the basic tools specified above to meet their gardening requirements. Indeed, gardening tools are very essential if you want a properly set and maintained garden.