Basic cycling safety guides are rules and regulations that have been designed to protect the cyclists from causing accidents or being the victims. Cycling is very common and it is also very common in the big cities. Cyclists should always ensure that they observe the rules and regulations put in place to ensure they are safe and there will be smooth control of traffic.

Safety Principles
Basic cycling safety guides involves the three principles. They are mainly:

  • The bicycle
  • The road
  • The cyclist

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Basic cycling safety guides are important to be followed because they may lead in arrests when they are violated and in worse cases they may lead to accidents and deaths.

Basic Cycling Safety Guide On Roads

  • Always ensure that the road is clear and safe. In case of changing lanes, it is very important that there are no other vehicles to avoid collision.
  • In case there are bike paths on the road, one should always use them. Sidewalks are also advisable for cyclists and it is very important that one utilizes them.
  • Ensure that one cycles at the recommended speed limit by the law. It is also essential that the cyclists obey the traffic rules.
  • Always try to avoid road hazards. They may include the pot holes and sharp bends and stick to the bike routes which are usually marked in many cases.
  • Always choose the safest and best way when making a turn.

Basic Cycling Safety Guide On Bicycle 

  • Always ensure that the condition of the bike you are driving is well. From the wheels to the head lights, it is important that the bicycle is in good condition.
  • The bicycle should fit the cyclists and it should be efficient.
  • All the parts especially the brakes should be functioning well in case they are called into action. The wheels should be well aired and the bicycle should be fitted with a horn for emergency purposes.

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Basic Cycling Safety Guide On Cyclists

  • Cyclists should always be in the right frame of mind before they cycle. It is important that they are well conversant with the art of cycling.
  • They should always ensure that just like Craft Cycling they have the correct attires before they engage in cycling. It is very important to have the correct gears as they are specifically designed for cycling. They are protective gear and hence very important.
  • The cyclist should be able to read the different road signs and obey the traffic rules. It is important that the cyclist is alert and ready to ride defensively expecting the unexpected.

The basic cycling safety guides when observed correctly will lead to the reduction of the number of bike accidents.