The best bar decor translates a feeling. It creates an atmosphere conducive to great times, great memories and a desire to return. Regardless of it being home bar decor or sports

bar decor, the feelings the decor should illicit are the same. You want to arrange the bar in such a way that gives you the urge to stay awhile.

home bar interior design idea

Common Themes and Features

What are the common themes? Well, many bar decor themes focus around a comfortable city type of quality.

  • Retro

Some bars try to recreate the furniture, colors, textures and music of past eras. In the U.S.A., you’ll find 1950’s diner-replicas still playing music of that era with staff personnel wearing the uniforms of that time as well.

  • Tiki Bar Decor

This theme gives you the urge to hula dance and listen to calypso music. From straw roof accents to bamboo and tiki totem poles, you can’t help but smile walking into a bar seeing this theme.

great interior design retro mocahmojo bar

  • Sports Bar Decor

Have a favorite sports team? Like watching the latest fights and sporting events on large flat screen televisions? Then the sports bar theme is for you. Hanging players’ jerseys on the wall and sticking popular sports team logos everywhere is just the ticket for sports bar decor.

You’ll see tables used to showcase the themes as well with art beneath their glass tops. Bar stool backs and seat cushions will accent the colors and textures of the theme. Signs, lettering, and statues will hang above a bar to give a focal point in the bar and set the mood throughout. Many bars also make use of rail lighting or strand lights mounted beneath cabinets.

grandest tiki bar decor design

Popular Bar Decor Items

Here’s a look at some of the more popular individual decor items:

  • Flags
  • Tabletop mosaics, murals, or signs (beneath glass)
  • Wall-mounted photography
  • Wall-mounted televisions
  • Sports team logos
  • Custom printed shot glasses
  • Professional sports jerseys
  • Old jukebox machines
  • Electronic poker and casino games

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Decorating Tips

The best bar decor tips for your home or public bar are listed here for your convenience.

  • Keep It Simple. Unless you’re doing a large scale retro-design; less is more. Some simple color schemes with just enough wall accents, pictures, decals, and table decor makes for an inviting atmosphere. Many people can’t handle the clutter of an overly done interior decorating job.
  • Stick To The Theme. If you don’t have a seamless decor theme, you’ll turn away potential customers. The bar will have a rundown look and you’ll lose customer (or guest) interest. Stay true to the theme you choose and keep it consistent throughout the bar area.
  • Freshen It Up Over Time. Like anything else, you’ll want to maintain your bar’s appearance. For home bar decor, try changing things up annually. If you own a sports bar then think about updating your sports bar decor with new pictures and logo placement every six months or fewer depending on how much foot traffic you get.

These tips will give good impressions for your customers and guests and they will keep coming back to your place for fun and enjoyment.