May it be for a shop class or for personal use, everyone using a horizontal band saw should know and understand band saw operation safety. Knowing and utilizing these rules and tips can save you from severe injuries and/or even death. With this type of powerful machine, even the smallest mistake can cause injury to you or to someone else.

Band Saw Operation Safety Rules: What To Wear

1.) Safety Glasses

When using a band saw, it is important to wear safety glasses the entire time. When you use a band saw, it shoots sawdust everywhere and getting a piece of that in your eye can cause you to either lose attention to what you are doing and hurt yourself. Or, it can seriously hurt and damage your eye.

2.) Ear Plugs

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Wear ear plugs or some type of protective ear gear. Horizontal band saws are very loud and can hurt your ears. It may cause ringing, irritation, as well as hearing problems further down the road. These are the same reasons why you see construction workers wearing protective ear gear while using jackhammers or people at the shooting range wearing ear gear as they shoot.

3.) Face Mask

A face mask needs to be worn as well. It will help keep sawdust out of your nose and mouth as well as off your face. Not only sawdust, but also, some wood have been treated with various chemicals that will also be in the dust, which could be harmful to your health if ingested or breathed.

4.) Working Clothes

Make sure you are wearing clothes that fit well or sit on your skin snugly, but not too tight. Loose clothing can get caught or cut in the saw, which could bring personal injury to you or others.

5.) Other Accessories

Do notwear loose clothing, or any type of jewelry. Make sure you take it all off before hand. If you have long hair, make sure it is tied back. It is also a good idea to pin-up your bangs or tie them back as well to keep them out of your way.

Band Saw Operation Safety Rules: Operating The Saw

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Before you start using the saw, make sure the saw is secured where it won’t slip or fall over. Also, check the blades and make sure it is the correct blade. Make sure there is no loose or broken parts. Do not touch the blade if the machine is on, even if it is not moving.

Hold your wood flat on the table and through the saw bracing your hands against the table. Your hands should be on both sides of the saw and not in line of the blade. If you need to adjust the saw or wood, turn the machine offfirst and then adjust. Do not remove the wood or move it unless the machine has totally come to a stop.

Band Saw Operation Safety Rules: Extra

Make sure you read the horizontal band saws manual thoroughly so you can know you are using the machine correctly and safely. Keep your work area clean and free of clutter so you don’t trip and fall causing severe injuries or death. Do not leave the horizontal band saw unattended if it is on. Make sure the saw is completely off if you plan to leave it, even if it is just for a minute. When the end of the wood has come too close to the blade, use a stick to push through instead of your hands.