The balconette bra is almost the same as the half cup bra, except that it covers more than half of the breasts, thereby adding a sexier and more luxurious look. This kind of bra is also called as the balcony bra and its middle part is a bit different in design compared to the half cup. The design makes the balcony bra appear to outline across the breasts, which aids in adding a bust line shape. This kind of bra is appropriate for every woman and could be worn no matter what kind of attire you put on. If you have a larger bust size, there are plus size balconette bra designs that you could choose from.

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The balconette bra has been designed to address the problem of the upper edges of the bra cups showing above the dress. Generally, women want to have as much coverage and support out of their bra but if you are going to wear tops that are cut or scooped low on the neckline, a natural fashion dilemma would ensue. Designers experimented with a number of designs that all failed, until they came up with a unique method, which is the push up balconette bra.

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Differences with Other Bra Types

So what are the differences of wearing a balconette bra from using other bras that have similar shapes? Here are some things to point.

  • Balconette bras provide more support – A balcony bra provides better support along the outer and bottom areas of the breast cups. This allows the breasts to rise up effectively and move in the direction of the center of the chest. This feature creates a cleavage, which is a desirable look if you are going to wear a low cut dress.
  • The bra is hidden even if you wear a low cut dress – With the unique design of the balconette bra; the coverage across the inner and top areas of the breast is minimized. This effectively prevents the breast cups from being seen above the dress cut line, unless you put on something that has a severe plunge.
  • It is a perfect combination of form and function – What makes the balconette bra really neat is that it provides a solution to low cut dress designs without sacrificing a lot of performance. Bras are made to give support, not from the top down, but from the bottom up. Thus, the support that is provided by the band that runs around the lower part of the cups and bra are vital to function of the bra. Admittedly, some support is sacrificed in the balcony bra design because of its low cup coverage. However, this is compensated by the extra support provided in the band and cup areas.

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Tips in Fitting for Bra Sizes

Measuring for balconette brassieres such as a lace balconette bra is done in the same way that you do with other kinds of bra. It would be best if you could determine your size while wearing a tight, seamless T shirt or an underwire non padded bra. Get the measuring tape around your rib cage, just below your bust, then around the widest part of your breasts.

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A balconette bra is one of the best bra types to get support and coverage when wearing low-neckline dresses. If you wish to buy one, make sure to check out this guide for a quick reference.