Office jobs require you to be seated for 8 hours in front of the computer. You tend to experience back pain even though you are using a comfortable chair. What really causes back pain is how you sit. Poor posture causes your muscle to become weak. And despite of regular exercise, you still can’t manage to relieve back pain without back strengthening exercises.

strengthening exercises for  upper back

Back strengthening exercises are important because these are intended for the muscles at the back. It is one of the muscles that protect the spine alignment. To prevent conditions of the spine, such as scoliosis, you must perform back strengthening exercises aside from taking the daily recommended amount of calcium in the body for stronger bones. It is often forgotten when exercising. You only jog, lift weights, and focus on your muscles in the abdomen and arms.

There are back strengthening exercises for scoliosis to prevent further damage. This helps strengthen muscles at the upper back that supports the spine. An example of this is by getting a dumbbell on a floor while your knee is placed on a bench. The proper way of doing it is through exhaling when lifting and inhaling when putting it down. It is sometimes done the other way.

There are also lower and upper back strengthening exercises. In combination with this, you must also incorporate back stretching exercises beforehand. Before doing back strengthening exercises for this condition, make sure that you consult your physician. It has to be perfectly done to prevent more injury.

lower back strengthening exercises

There are back strengthening exercises for women specifically. Some of these are chin ups which is used for building the upper back. It is used with a bar. You can do it at home and in the gym. Ask for assistance if you are just starting.  Use of dumbbells is another method for women’s back strengthening exercises. Grasp the dumbbells, inhale while raising your arms and carefully rotate your arms clockwise and counter-clockwise. Exhale when you return your arms to its starting position. Another is Chin Drop which does not use a bar. You can even perform it in a sitting position. Put your hands at the back of your head and slowly drop your chin towards your chest. But do not drop it too much that it is already giving you uncomfortable feeling.

Remember also that muscles need rest. Indeed, exercise is a healthy way of living yet muscles must be rested to prevent muscle tearing. Too much strain will do you no good. You can perform back strengthening exercises twice a week, but not as often as other exercises.