Isn’t it a joy to tag your baby along whenever you head for the beach? But as a parent, you may be worried about how the sun and other outdoor elements can harm your baby. The sun’s harmful rays can possibly cause sun stroke or sun burn. Even a 15-minute exposure to the sun can be a risk to sensitive babies. Beach sand can also find a way to your baby’s skin that may cause itchiness and redness. But don’t fret there is a way to let your babies enjoy the beach while keeping them safe. A baby beach tent is the answer to your woes.

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Advantages Of A Baby Beach Tent

A baby beach tent can provide shelter and a shade for babies and shield them from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This will lessen the risk of possible skin conditions associated with too much exposure to the sun. If you are looking for a place at the beach where your baby can stay safely, a baby beach tent is the best place they can be. Below are some of the useful features of this specialty tent that makes it a great buy for parents who want to bring their kids to the beach.

  • Provides UV protection
  • Comes with side pockets for extra storage
  • Easy to carry along
  • Waterproof surface
  • Easy assembly
  • Ventilated to allow air to circulate

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Buying Guide

If you want to buy your own baby beach tent, you can find some of the best prices on the web. But don’t you just click and buy. There are a number of factors that can help you find the most appropriate brand that will fit your needs.

  • Size
    When you buy online, check the product description for dimensions of the tent you are about to buy. Use a tape measure to have an idea of how big the tent is. If you buy from your local store, you can request to take the item out of its packaging so you can see the how big or small it is. This will give you an idea if it’s appropriate for the size of your baby.
  • Ventilation
    It is important that baby tent for beach have proper ventilation. At the least, they should have two windows. Some tents may even have up to four windows. These are important so that air can circulate as it is not a good thing for babies to get too hot or perspire too much.

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  • UV Protection
    Aside from the shade that baby beach tent provides, it also offers UV protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It’s coated with a special product designed to block UVB and UV rays.
  • Assembly
    Choose a tent that can easily be assembled. Pop up baby beach tent is one of the easiest types to set up because it you simply unfold the tent and will pop up like an umbrella and you are good to go. If you want something less inexpensive baby beach tent canopy in traditional style are also available.

easy assembly baby beach tent

For more choices on styles, sizes and prices, you can check various online websites to find out the most appropriate baby beach tent for your next beach getaway.