Science has expanded its horizon into every aspect of a man’s life. New discoveries and technological advancements have made life much better and more comfortable. Scientific advancement in the field of medicine has helped man to protect himself from various diseases. Out of the five sensory organs, the eyes are very important body parts through which we see the world. Latest medical wonders have helped man to protect and repair eye related problems. One such problem is astigmatism. However, you can easily correct this by using astigmatism contacts.

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Facts about Astigmatism

What are astigmatism contacts? You might have heard about nearsightedness otherwise known as the Myopia, which means difficulty seeing things in a distance and about far sightedness otherwise known as Hyperopia, having which you find seeing objects near you difficult. Astigmatism is similar to the above mentioned but only it is a refractive error.


  • An eye with this disorder will have difficulty to produce clearer vision of an object because the retina fails to produce single focus.
  • People with astigmatism have blurred vision and it occurs in childhood.

Diagnosis: It can be identified during a eye checkup and then corrected through eyeglasses, refractive surgery or contact lenses.

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  • Astigmatism contact lenses are popular and are used by many people.
  • The surgery might cost more and the glasses might look odd and hence astigmatism contacts are considered as cheaper and moreover it doesn’t change the look of the face.
  • The eye specialist will prescribe the best contacts for astigmatism which can be worn and benefited.

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Best-selling Brands and Types of Astigmatism contacts

If you are looking for cheap contacts for astigmatism then you will have to check with many stores or online prices to get the best deal.

  • Acuvue astigmatism contacts: These astigmatism contacts are thicker towards the center of the lens and thin at the edge. This type of astigmatism contacts are used by people who also have long-sightedness or short sightedness.
  • Toric contact lenses: You can also wear Toric astigmatism contacts and gas permeable contact lenses for astigmatism. The level of astigmatism must however be assessed during the eye examination by the specialist.
  • This will be done by seeing your eyes with the help of the light.
  • He will manually put different lenses between the eye and the light to check the severity of this issue.
  • Many automated tests have also been introduced lately in many eye care centers.
  • This provides faster test results and can also provide exact reading for other refractive errors.
  • These tests are done in the preliminary stage however only the ophthalmologist will scrutinize the results and then prescribe the corrective method.

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Eye Examinations


Automated Eye Testing

When you decide to wear astigmatism contacts carefully read about how to wear, remove and preserve them. It is very important to cleanse it thoroughly before and after wearing it. Get complete instructions from the eye specialist and correct your eye problem with astigmatism contacts.